Family-friendly restaurants

With a focus on families, Bornholm restaurants and cafes, have thought about the children. You'll find play corners where children can watch a movie, draw drawings or perhaps play with toys, while mom and dad enjoy their dinner quietly.

Edited with text by Torben Holleufer
Fotos by Semko Balcerski

Visit one of these child friendly restaurants

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Det Gamle Posthus - Traditionel innovation in Allinge

The popular restaurant in Allinge has a perfect view of the harbor. There are always freshly caught fish on the menu, and the restaurant is known for an unusual amount of side dishes. The restaurant has thought about the children in terms of coloring-books and pencils, half dishes, and a children's menu.


Brøddan - Focus on families

You can find the restaurant, Brøddan, in Gudhjem. In the bright rooms with local art on the walls, there's a varied buffet, with food for the whole family. Once the children have eaten, they have the opportunity to continue to have fun in the playing corner with toys, space to draw and paint, or maybe watch a movie.


Margeritten - Unpretentious without frills

Margeritten is a well-known family restaurant on Kirkepladsen. You can get almost everything on the menu card while enjoying the view of the beautiful yellow church in Allinge. Children are welcome of all ages, and if they want to draw, there's paper and pencils, and an exhibition of the best drawings in the restaurant.


Fru Petersens Cafe - When grandma was young

Fru Petersens Cafe is housed in a disused church school from 1908 and is located between Almindingen and Østermarie. While visiting the cafe you must try the counterpart of the famous South Jutland cake table or the breakfast table with everything from classic tartlets to the Danish dessert rød grød med fløde (red porridge with cream). Do not forget the lovely garden with a playhouse, swing, and petanque court.


Cafe Munter - A small bite of Bornholm

The café at Store Torv is all about Bornholm ingredients. The burger steaks are from Hallegaard, the buns are specially made by Jensens Bageri and the draft beer is from Svaneke Bryghus - beer from the rest of Denmark is not available. It is cozy outside in the quiet end of Store Torv but you can also choose to sit inside and enjoy Bornholm photographic art on the walls, and interior art by the glass artist Pernille Bulow.


Texas - American style in Rønne

You step into a piece of America when you visit the cozy restaurant on the pedestrian street. Texas-Bornholm is all about the love for American cuisine and culture - meat, burgers, and spare ribs in portions that satisfy. There is food for children, with a little green or the lovely homemade mashed potatoes.


Den Lille Havfrue - Optimistic in Snogebæk

We are near Snogebæk beach in rooms with coziness and spaciousness like at home. The breakfast menu is worth a visit and the salt-fried herring in Bornholm style with homemade mustard and beetroot is the best you can find. There is also thought of the children with ground beef served on oak board with mashed potatoes and the classic ice cream with chocolate sauce and fresh fruit.


Svaneke Bryghus - 20 years with style

If you want to see a brewery in a mini format, you must eat at Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant. Experience the large copper kettle being in constant use, browsing 1000 liters of frothy Bornholm beer at a time. The restaurant is run by Morten, who suggests that you enjoy the well-hung beef and taste the beer, which is only found in the restaurant in the old grocery store from 1750 on Torvet in Svaneke.


B's Fiskeværksted - Local tapas and Salmon from the Baltic Sea

The popular mecca for fish on the pier in Svaneke has a new expression in the interior both inside and out. But don't worry: Bornholm egg cake, Sol Over Gudhjem, and especially the children's favorite, Fiskebanditten, is still on the menu. New on the evening menu are delicious Bornholm tapas with local ingredients and fresh salmon from the Baltic Sea.


Nordbornholms Røgeri - The big buffet

Nordbornholms Røgeri is located directly by the cliffs in Allinge with a view of Gudhjempynten. A buffet is presented with everything the modern family could wish for. Aromatic warm soups, and salmon in countless variations, can among others be found in the buffet. The popular fish shop is geared for take-away with all the best from the sea and exciting menus. Welcome to the old smokehouse at Kæmpestranden.


Dueodde Diner & Steakhouse - Tender on the Southern tip

End a perfect day on the child-friendly beach with a visit to Dueodde Diner and Steakhouse. The restaurant is located in the woods, where the children can play around, while the family enjoys the food. Try American beef, American steakhouse pizza, the house's marinated spare ribs, vegetarian burgers, crispy nachos with cheese, or the salmon on spinach that is recommended by many.

Download Mad & Mennesker no. 8

The Magazine “Mad og Mennesker” (Food & People) explains the Bornholm Food Experiences and the people behind. You can obtain the magazine from Bornholms Tourist Information or download it right here.


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