8 free experiences with your kids on Bornholm

Find the best free experience for your kids - there are a lot of possibilities on Bornholm.

Nature on Bornholm is the best free playground for kids – and only the phantasy is the limit. There are experiences and challenges for all ages – you could dive into the water from the cliffs at the Opal lake. Or visit the castle ruin Hammershus, where you can pretend to be a knight or a king, who lives on the castle – and you can spot the ships out on the sea. If you are into Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, then go for a walk in the enchanting forest at Døndalen – which reminds you of a fairy tale landscape. Or try to move the pedestal rocks in Almindingen, Paradisbakkerne or Rutsker Højlyng.

Here are 8 great places for free experiences with your children

Get to know more about these great places by clicking on the images. Here you'll find more informatione and pictures for every experience.



Hammershus was the place that protected Bornholm against foreign enemies. Find your inner knight or king, hide yourself behind the old walls or spot the ships out on the sea. On a clear and bright day, you can even se over to the Swedish coast. The Hammershus Visitor Center tells the story of the castle - start your discoverings from here. All activities are free, but there is a parking fee of DKK 30,- for 6 hours.


The Pedestal Rocks

There are three Pedestal Rocks on Bornholm, which you could try to move. The bigest one is situated within the Paradise Hills and has a weight of 35 tons - can you move it? You should at least give it a try! In Almindingen forest you'll find a smaller one, which also can be moved - and Rutsker Højlyng also has a pedestal rock. It's really funny to see, whom of you that is able to move the rocks.


Opal Lake at Hammeren

Are your children pretty okay swimmers and dare to jump into the water from several meters height? Then you definitely should go and try the Opal Lake on Hammeren at summer. Go for a walk around the lake and in the beautiful nature. Enjoy the beautiful view from the high cliffs - to both sides of the Baltic Sea. Or follow the goates that just climb around on the cliffs. By the way - this area is perfect for Instagram fotos.


Bunkers at Dueodde

When you go for a walk in the forest close to Dueodde, you will discover two German bunkers from the Second World War. The concrete buildings are situated within sand dunes, trees and are partly covered by leaves and moss. These buildings are really exciting to explore and from above they look like something that could be left by a UFO many years ago.



20 metre high cliffs with a waterfall, large carpets of windflowers in spring and almost a jungle-like forest - it's like coming to a scene from Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. A setting that offers children the scenery for their own adventure.


The Bison forest

Ever seen a buffalo - or a bison as we call them - really close by? If not, head for Almindingen and drive along Chr. X.'s Vej into the bison enclosure. A herd of European bisons are living here in a protected space. If you are lucky, you can meet them really close up, but be careful: Don't go too close to them, when you meet them. Even though they are used to humans, they are still wild animals. And you are not allowed to feed them.


Den Sorte Gryde / Helligdomsklipperne

At Bornholms northern coast, you'll find one of the most exciting landmarks of the island: Up to 20 metre (60 feet) high cliffs, The Sanctuary Cliffs, with their steep walls, granite pillars and corridors and caves. A place that is made for great adventures. In one of the caves, the Sorte Gryde (Black Cave) you can discover the Bornholm Cave spider - just look for the typical spider's web. This is a really rough area, but you can go down along stairs and paths to the caves.


The Echo Valley

The Echo Valley got it's name because of the cliffs that reflect the echo, when you shout out towards the valley. Of course, you have to find the right place to shout out from - and it's funny for the kids to try to find the right spot. A hint: The echo should be best close to the H. C. Ørsted's well. The rift valley leads almost 2 kilometres along the Almindingen forest with a beautiful nature. The kids can go climbing, walking and hiding between large rocks or behind high trees. Just find your own favorite spot!

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