Hammerknuden (or just the Hammer) is the northern naturearea on Bornholm - with a lot of beautiful hiking trails and landmarks as two Lighthouses (Hammerodde fyr and Hammerfyr), two lakes (Opalsøen and Hammersø), and a Harbour (Hammerhavn).

Unique nature resort
Hammeren (the Hammer) was shaped by the massive ice glaciers during the last ice ages. During time the ice has removed all sediments and revealed the bedrock. Many places you can even see the direction in which the ice masses moved on the bedrock.

Because of the nature from a geological point of view is so young and because of the windy conditions, the landscape manly consists of shrubbery, heath and low trees and bushes.

The Granite adventure on Northern Bornholm
Besides the beautiful nature and the hiking trails, the area offers quite a few newer and older historical sights. All over the landscape you’ll spot marks from the so called “Granite Adventure” from the 19th and 20th century, when the Bornholm Granite was quarried out and exported to a lot of construction projects in Denmark and abroad. Opalsøen – the Opal lake – with its 290 m long zip line, is the most visible mark from that time, but also up on the Hammeren plateau you’ll find several places and quarries.

Salomons Kapel (Salomon’s Chapel) was built in the 14th century for the many fishermen, who fished herring in the sea around the island, and landed the fish in the small natural harbours along the coastside of Hammerknuden.

Hammeren Lighthouse and Hammerodde Lighthouse
Two lighthouses are located on Hammerknuden. On top of the 82 m (270 ft.) high Ørnebjerget is Hammeren fyr (Hammeren Lighthouse), or the “Big lighthouse”. There has been a lighthouse or a fire on top of the highest point of Hammerknuden all the way since the 13th century and even earlier than that, while the existing lighthouse was built in 1872 – from granite blocks, which where quarried out just a few hundred metres away. Hammeren Lighthouse was taken out of service in 1990, but shines its unofficial light since 2011.

In 1895, the smaller Hammerodde Lighthouse was built as a supporting lighthouse on Bornholms northernmost tip. This lighthouse is still in service, while the surrounding former staff houses today are used as private summer holiday houses.

Download a map with hiking suggestions from the Danish Nature Agency here


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