Visit the Opal Lake at the Northern tip of Bornholm

The Opalsø (Opal Lake) as a remain of the Granite age

From the 2nd half of the 19th century Bornholm witnessed a tremendous granite industry. Granite became one of the most important export goods of Bornholm. There was a real boom in the granite industry on the island and first in 1970 the quarry was closed.

First granite quarry, now a unique nature and recreation area

You have several hiking trails running by the lake. And if you walk up on the top of the cliffs, you get a breathtaking view over the whole area and even the Baltic Sea and Hammershus castle ruin.

The Opal Lake is also a swimming lake

You can swim in the Opal Lake, but please note, that the lake is very deep – and therefore only suited for people, who can swim, as you won’t be able to stand on solid ground anywhere in the lake.



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