Walks on Bornholm

Meet nature - go for a beautiful walk on Bornholm. Get some suggestions here.

Bornholm on foot
Sandy beaches, forests and skerries. Walks in fantastic rift valleys created by the Ice Age. The Baltic Sea in both a mild and windy version. The tens of thousands of flowering cherry trees, which together with the millions of anemones and ramsons cover the island in white. The natural world on Bornholm is the main reason why many people choose to visit the island. And nature on Bornholm is unique!

Walk all over Bornholm
There are many ways to explore the Bornholm nature. Try a sail from Gudhjem to Helligdomsklipperne or one of the trips from Hammer Harbour, where you can see the rocky coast with bird cliffs and fantastic caves, beautiful shapes, and great colors. Try a walk around Hammerknuden or along the streams Kobbe Å and Døndale Å, which both end at a waterfall where Døndalefaldet with its 25 m is the highest waterfall of Denmark. Or take a trip through the Echo Valley, which is 12 km and the longest rift valley of the island. Or try the coastal path between Saltuna and Bølshavn with small fishing villages, wild cliffs, coastal forests, marshes and valleys. Or or or ... opportunities and places are many. We have some walk suggestions for you further down in this article.

Naturstyrelsen Bornholm
Find nature walks from the Danish Naturstyrelse and try an exciting walk. Read more on www.bornholmsnatur.dk

Buy maps and books
If you want a good map or nature guide you can buy one at the Bornholm Visitor Centre when you arrive or in our webshop

Round Bornholm March
If you want to participate in the Round Bornholm March, then visit Bornholm at the end of June. The march around Bornholm takes place from June 30 - July 2, 2017.
More about the Round Bornholm March

Walk - Around Hammerknuden

Unless you actually hate rocks, we would venture the following claim: the route round the Hammer Promontory is one of the most spectacular trails in Denmark.

Walks - Almindingen

Experience several beautiful walks in Almindingen - the fifth largest forest in Denmark.

Walk - Around Dueodde

Go for a walk at Dueodde - the southernmost point of Bornholm.

Walks - Paradisbakkerne

Discover the beautiful area at Paradisbakkerne on the east coast of Bornholm.

Walk - Ginesminde-Vang

Experience the spectacular west coast of Bornholm.

Walk - Hasle-Skovly

Experience a beautiful walk from Hasle to Skovly.

Walk - Gudhjem-Helligdommen

Explore this beautiful walk along the Bornholm west coast.