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The most beautiful market town in Denmark, Svaneke, is located on the east coast of Bornholm. Today, it is best known for its fine dining, delicious gourmet dishes and fresh food.

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Svaneke: Denmark’s smallest and most addictive town

Many people believe that Svaneke is one of the best things about Bornholm. It’s an absolute must-see that can be hard to leave behind.

The town is small, yet packed with interesting things to do. Most activities take place around the lovely harbour and town square.

Here you’ll find a smokehouse, fish restaurant, handmade toffees for sale, beer from Svaneke Bryghus and a thriving market in beautiful surroundings.

Svaneke’s hidden gems

Svaneke is known as the town that keeps on surprising you the more you look. For example, you might not immediately spot Hullehavn, but once you do, you won’t want to leave!

It’s a small sandy beach perfectly nestled between the rocks and has a very special, vibrant atmosphere. The café Syd-Øst for Paradis (“South-East of Paradise”) completes the vibe by serving e.g. tapas and cava.

One of the town’s quirkier events is chicken shitting bingo – a recurring attraction at Svaneke Torv. 

Parking in Svaneke
Hullehavn beach is one of Svaneke’s hidden gems

The town of Bornholm artists

Creativity is far from lacking in Svaneke – especially when it comes to the town’s many artisans.

Visit Pernille Bülow’s glassblowing studio, textile artist Timmi Kromann in the Kokolores shop, Charlotte Thorup Ceramics, the Art Box gallery and, not least, the cultural institution that is Svanekegaarden with its concert and theatre hall, a sculpture garden and a multi-workshop.

And at Postgade 21, close to the main square, you’ll find a wide selection of Bornholm arts and crafts – everything from jewellery and clothing to handmade teddy bears.


Where to buy arts and crafts in and around Svaneke
Try the beautiful coastal walking route: Svaneke – Snogebæk

Holidays in Svaneke – tips for great places to stay

Book a room in the city’s hotels or guesthouses. The idyllically located Bed & Breakfasts, holiday homes or holiday apartments outside the city are also a good option.

Perhaps you prefer camping or hostels?

Find a list of places to stay here:

Something for the sweet tooth

Svaneke is home to some highly addictive shops: Chokoladeriet, Karamelleriet and Bolcheriet are all within walking distance.

Add to that Johan Bülow’s world-famous liquorice and Bornholm’s Ismejeri, the latter also producing the popular Krølle Bølle Ice Cream, and you have the recipe for a great and absolutely delicious day of shopping in Svaneke.

Shopping: Take a piece of Bornholm home with you when you visit Svaneke
Great places to eat in and around Svaneke

Parking in Svaneke

During the summer season, the car parks at the harbour in Svaneke can be crowded.

We therefore recommend that you use the car park at Korshøje or Sydskovvej,when visiting Svaneke. These car parks offer free parking and the opportunity to explore the town’s pretty streets. That way the car parks by the harbour are more likely to be available for those with reduced mobility.

Read more about the car parks in Svaneke → here.

Sights and attractions in and around Svaneke

Svaneke town has its own landmark: the Svaneke water tower. It was designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon. The beautiful red Svaneke church is also worth a visit – or get out and explore Svaneke’s surrounding scenery.

The pretty fishing villages of Aarsdale, Listed and Bølshavn are also worth a look.

Svaneke for children and water lovers

Alongside some sweeter cuisine, you’ll also find the old amusement park known as Brændesgårdshaven just outside Svaneke. The park has an outdoor water park, but Hullehavn is also a great place to swim and is located close to Svaneke Lighthouse. There is a diving board and a kiosk selling food and drink here.

Visit the lovely fishing village of Aarsdale
Let your imagination run wild in the old amusement park Brændesgårdshaven
Enjoy a drink at the harbour in Listed

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