Discover Aarsdale

The fishing village of Aarsdale is the perfect place to enjoy a good beer and authentic maritime atmosphere and to explore the large windmill overlooking the village.

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Aarsdale is a truly authentic Bornholm fishing village

Aarsdale is located on the east coast of Bornholm, a few kilometres south of Svaneke, and currently has just over 330 inhabitants. Fishing has been an important part of the village’s livelihood and identity for many centuries.

The harbour in Aarsdale was built in 1869 and is popular with yachtsmen and trolling fishermen – and the herring smokehouse in Aarsdale is still open and working today. The town’s church, St. Ib’s Church, is a few kilometres further up the hill.

Attractions in and around Aarsdale

After a meal out in the village, take a stroll up to its most famous landmark: The well-preserved old Dutch mill on the hill dates from 1877 and is a great spot for photos.

In the forest and nature area of Paradisbakkerne (the Paradise Hills) a few kilometres west of Aarsdale, you’ll find one of the island’s three rocking stones and the remains of an old ring fortress. Hiking routes such as the Højlymgsstien (Heather Path) runs through Paradisbakkerne, while the coastal path Kyststien Bornholm crosses Aarsdale.

The coastal path: From Svaneke to Snogebæk
3 hikes in the Paradise Hills

Places to eat in and around Aarsdale

When hunger or thirst strikes, there are plenty of options to choose from. Visit the classic and traditional Aarsdale Smokehouse and Bisto for some tasty smoked fish in a cosy setting that is both a fishmonger and restaurant. Or enjoy a beer with a delicious burger and fries from Mikkeler Aarsdale in the old ice cream parlour.  

More places to eat can be found in the neighbouring town of Svaneke, just a few kilometres from Aarsdale.

Sights and attractions in and around Aarsdale
Find places to eat in and around Aarsdale here
Visit Aarsdale’s lovely neighbouring town of Svaneke

Places to stay in and around Aarsdale

A holiday home or apartment is the best place to enjoy the beautiful views of the fishing village of Aarsdale. You also have the option of staying at a guesthouse located in Aarsdale’s old school.

More accomodations opportunities can be found in the neighbouring town of Svaneke

Shopping in and around Aarsdale

Aarsdale itself only has a few shops. As well as a fishmonger in the smokehouse, there is a small grocery shop at Aarsdale Harbour. 

More shopping opportunities can be found in the neighbouring town of Svaneke


Places to stay in and around Aarsdale
Shopping in and around Aarsdale

Events in and around Aarsdale

Mikkeller Brewery organises an annual Aarsdale Harbour and Beer Festival. There is often a small Christmas market in the town’s community centre. The neighbouring town of Svaneke hosts several events throughout the year.

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