Hullehavn beach

Hullehavn beach is the cosy, small, sandy beach of Svaneke.

Hullehavn beach between the cliffs
Svaneke city has a lovely beach. The small, sandy beach between the cliffs at Hullehavn at the eastern end of the town was created by bringing in sand from elsewhere. Initially to please the people staying at the campsite, but now it is enjoyed by everyone.

Good diving conditions
Hullehavn beach is also a popular place for divers, who each year jump into the water off the coast of Bornholm. The low salt content of the Baltic Sea, the excellent visibility and the rocks offer plenty of opportunities for excellent diving. By the Hullehavn beach, it is easy to get into the water, and there are good reefs and ravines that you can swim along. Hullehavn beach is also suitable if you want to snorkel.

Diving board and kiosk
Near Hullehavn beach, you will find a diving board and stairs for easy access to the water. A wooden ramp across the beach gives you easy access to the water. There is a kiosk and a few parking spaces at the beach.

Take a break in your sea kayak
If you take a trip along the coast of Bornholm in a sea kayak, Hullehavn beach is an excellent place to take a break before your trip further around Sandkås Odde with the fine old lighthouse of Svaneke.


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