Hiking route: The Coastal Path leg 5 – Svaneke to Snogebæk

Approximately 120 kilometres of beautiful and varied hiking around the entire island: From the beaches in the south to the cliffs in the north. The walk can be done as a multi-day hike, but is also ideal for shorter legs. This is the hike for anyone who really wants to get Bornholm under their skin, and under their hiking boots.

Gitte Holtze

Hiker and outdoor freak as well as journalist, lecturer and author of "jeg lever" about Gitte's hike along the Pacific Crest Trail and "Gå langt", a guidebook to long hikes.

We have chosen to divide the coastal path into seven legs. This article describes leg five from Svaneke to Snogebæk.


4-5 hours
16 km
Difficulty level:
Easy to medium
Suitable for prams and wheelchairs:
If you only want to walk this leg, park at the harbour in Svaneke or near Snogebæk Røgeri (Smokehouse) in Snogebæk
At the harbour in Svaneke, at the bus stop in Årsdale, near the square in Nexø, at the northern end of Balka Beach and at the harbour in Snogebæk
Access to water:
The public toilets along the route
Relatively flat, on paved roads through the towns, on sand at Balka Beach, nature trail and gravel path for the rest of the route
Special remarks:
Weather permitting: Take a dip in the sea at the wide beach with the chalky white sand, Balka Beach.


Map of the route

Below you can download a pdf with an A4 map of the route.

Route description

A pleasant stage along beautiful rocky coastline, through the unpretentious coastal town of Årsdale and Bornholm’s second largest town Nexø, before ending your hike on Balka Beach’s white sand

From Svaneke Harbour, follow the road south and turn left on the narrow road Ved Stranden, which turns into a path that winds past Svaneke Gamle Fyr (Svaneke Old Lighthouse) and the pretty little sandy beach at Hullehavn Camping.

Follow the signs through the campsite to the rocky stretch on the other side. The cliffs here are neither high or steep, but still beautiful and dramatic, and except for the last stretch towards Aarsdale, you’ll walk close to them and the sea.

Follow the beach road to the smokehouse in Aarsdale, where you turn left towards the harbour and follow the signs through the town to the path south of it leading towards Nexø. Again there are cliffs along the coast in true archipelago fashion.

There’s one place where you can walk directly on them, but otherwise the gravel path is lovely, alternately narrow and wide. Stick to this path until you reach the road into Nexø.

Walk through the town to the cycle path to the south – it takes you across Balka Lyng to Balka Beach, which you walk on directly for the last four kilometres or so to Snogebæk.

The Coastal Path 7 hiking stages:

Leg 1 – Rønne – Hasle

Leg 2 – Hasle – Sandvig

Leg 3 – Sandvig – Gudhjem

Leg 4 – Gudhjem – Svaneke

Leg 5 – Svaneke – Snogebæk

Leg 6 – Snogebæk – Boderne

Leg 7 – Boderne – Rønne


Places on the route:

On this hike, you get a chance to visit the following places:


Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant

Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant brings the best local produce to the plates of over 80,000 visitors a year, from all over the world.


Svaneke Watertower

When you enter the city of Svaneke from the North, you'll see the modern three-legged watertower on the right side.


Mikkeller Aarsdale

An old red brick building sat on the beautiful beaches of Årsdale. Under danish terms it can be no more idyllic when Mikkeller opens the doors to the old ice house, the home of the bar and restaurant.


Café Holmer

Café Holmer in Nexø Square, Eastbornholm, is a place where we serve coffee, tea and other drinks as well as restaurant-style meals, snacks and desserts. We have created a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that encourages our patrons to linger and socialize.


Nexø Museum

Nexø Museum offers a row of interesting exhibitions of for example the time of the swedes and the russian bombings of the town in 1945.


Matter - House of Craft

Glass from Zelmer Olsen and ceramics from Oh Oak. Shop, gallery and open workshops.


Nexø Sand Sculpture Park

We welcome you to Nexø Sand Sculpture Park with more than 30 sculptures, a large sandbox and sandlabs where you can try sculpting for yourself, and a beautiful sunny terrace where you can enjoy a good ice cream.


Balka beach

Balka beach is one of the most popular beaches on Bornholm. It’s several kilometres long and has very fine sand and shallow water.


Snogebæk Smokehouse

Snogebæk Smokehouse is a smokehouse as well as a shop, where you can order all the delicious smoked food and other Bornholm specialties.


Sørens Værtshus

Live music and raw cosyness in Snogebæk - when you come to the idyllic fishing village Snogebæk on southern Bornholm, you absolutely should pay a visit to Sørens Værtshus (Sørens Pub). Or just to "Sørens", as the locals say.


Bech Chokolade Snogebæk

When you come to Snogebæk, you'll find Bech Chocolate at the middle of the main road with a beautiful view over the harbour and the sea.

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