Listed Harbour

Cosy Listed Harbour on the northeastern coast of Bornholm

Listed Harbour

Listed Harbour is a cosy granite port with one active commercial fisherman and plenty of space for visiting yachters, who are welcome in all basins.

The harbour is well-protected in all wind directions and at the height of summer affords sunsets of unrivalled beauty.

They can be enjoyed with a delicious cocktail from the waterfront’s café and cocktail bar. But the small port also provides peace and calm and magnificent rambles, not least to Randkløve Cleft, situated almost four kilometres north of the harbour.

The ramble passes through Bølshavn, Denmark’s smallest functioning commercial harbour with only one commercial fisherman (who has been issued with a special dinghy quota).

It also passes by secluded Harald’s Harbour, which served as a secret point of departure for Jews fleeing the island during World War II.

The small cosy fishing hamlet also features a small fishery museum, a ceramist’s shop, a craft art shop, and its own trolling centre with jig boats and guided angling tours.

The secluded bathing beach of the locals named Høl lies in a bay at the end of a 100- metre-wide rocky cleft about 300 metres north of the harbour.

Vasebæk stream flows into the sea 300 metres east of the harbour. Following the waterway inland, you pass a small granite waterworks building, designed by world-renowned Danish architect Jørn Utzon. Bornholm’s newly refurbished amusement and experience park Brændesgårdshaven is about two kilometres from Listed.

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