How to find easy parking in Svaneke

Svaneke is a popular town, especially in the summertime. You shouldn't spend your holiday looking for parking space at the harbour or the town square. Instead, park your car in the parking lot at Korshøje in Svaneke.

Svaneke has been named Denmark’s most beautiful market town and is a popular experience for many of the island’s guests during summer. That often means parking challenges in the town centre and spending the day looking for parking.

Parking at Svaneke Harbor is still possible, but we strongly encourage that they are reserved for those with walking difficulties. Instead, you will find free parking spaces with no time limit at Korshøje and Sydskovvej. Here you can park the car without setting the parking disc and enjoy your visit to beautiful Svaneke.

You can see the parking spaces on the map here:

Park the car at Korshøje and experience Svaneke in peace

The car park at Korshøje is both free and without a time limit during the summer. If you park the car here, you can enjoy Svaneke in peace without thinking about the parking disc. The walk from Korshøje parking lot to Svaneke Torv is only 500 m., And it leads you through Svaneke’s small cosy streets with half-timbered houses. Halfway you can also experience Svaneke’s characteristic red church.

See Svaneke Church on the road from Korshøje

Experience the iconic pink Svaneke Church on the walk from the car park at Korshøje – You can read more about the church here.

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