Sydøst for Paradis

Grab a sandwich, a cup of coffee and enjoy the view

In the “lagoon” at Hullehavn lies Syd-Øst for Paradis (South-East of Paradise) – pretty secretly.
Here is shelter when the wind comes from anything but straight east
and the sun always shines on Syd-Øst for Paradis.

We want to share the place with you – just do not tell anyone!!!

We start the day at 10 am and enjoy the sunrise with a morning dish.
At night you can board our Spanish-inspired tapas plate and some cold cava to rinse down a great day with.

Syd-Øst for Paradis says goodnight when the live music ends or when the party is over.



Opening hours this week:

No opening hours available for this week.


Tlf. +45 5070 4248


Web sydoestforparadis


Skovgade 34

3740 Svaneke

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