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Experience glass art and Danish design at Pernille Bülow in Svaneke - a creative and dynamic gallery and workshop that constantly strive to develop new and exciting products.

At Glastorvet in Svaneke lies our open workshop where glassblowers produce handmade lamps, glasses, vases, bowls and unique art daily. Our entire free-blown and handmade collection is displayed in the gallery which opens onto the workshop. Here you can closely follow the exciting transformation the glass undergoes in the process of becoming one of Pernille Bülow’s various designs. Come and see how the liquid glass mass is collected from a pot in an 1120 degree hot furnace and then either blown into wooden moulds or moulded with wet newsprint, steel shaft or graphite.

In 2019, the gallery and workshop at Glastorvet in Svaneke will be celebrating their 30th anniversary, and throughout the year there will be anniversary products made in limited editions.


Glaspuster hos Pernille Bülow


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Brænderigænget 8

3740 Svaneke

Danish Glass art from Bornholm

Handmade glass with focus on colours and simple natual shapes inspired by the nature on Bornholm. At Pernille Bülow you will find a wide collection of handmade lamps, vases, wine glasses, drinking glasses, candlesticks, jugs and pieces of art in glass.

See the glasblowers work

At Glastorvet in Svaneke is our workshop, where you can come and see the glassblowers work. Her you can come close to the exiting process the glass goes through in the forming of Pernille Bülows different designs of lamps, vases, wine glasses, drinking glasses, candlesticks, jugs and pieces of art in glass.

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