Svaneke church

Experience the very beautiful pink-washed church of Svaneke.

Svaneke Church is situated high above the town
Svaneke Church is situated high above the town – approx. 18 metres above sea level at the south easterly edge of Svaneke on Bornholm.

The original church can still be seen
You can still see the remains of the original Svaneke church in the south wall of the present church. The original Svaneke church was a very low rectangular building, measuring approx. 10,5 x 9 metres. The foundation of the church is from the 16th
century and the shingled roof of the tower is from 1789. Svaneke church got two porches, but these were removed in 1837 when the present entrance to the church was made. The northern porch has, besides being the entrance to the church, had a somewhat unusual function, since the 2nd floor for a period during the 18th century was used as powder magazine.

The pink-washed Svaneke church
The colouring of Svaneke Kirkes originate from the latest restauration of the church. The pink colour was during some decades in the late 19th
 century the fashion colour.


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