Family-friendly spring holiday on Bornholm

Exciting experiences and activities for kids on Bornholm during spring

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Spring on Bornholm is family time when it is best

Many families with children look forward to springtime. What is better than being able to go out into nature again? Feel the warm sunlight on your skin and breathe in the fresh, clean air again after being wrapped from head to toe in snowsuits and mittens in the long and dark winter months. Now is the time for outdoor experiences and adventures for every age.

Bornholm is Denmark’s largest and most entertaining outdoor playground

There are plenty of opportunities for adventurous experiences on Bornholm. An exciting place to explore is the former quarry near Hammer Lighthouse. Bring your buckets and fishing nets and explore the wildlife in the beautiful quarry lake called Krystalsøen (Crystal lake). Or visit Northern Europe’s largest castle ruin, Hammershus, not far from Hammer Lighthouse.

You should also do some rock hopping on the cliffs of Bornholm and enjoy the wide, child-friendly beaches, which in the spring as well, are perfect for building knights’ strongholds or princess castles. You could also go exploring after fossils or just beautiful stones for painting.

There are natural playgrounds and shelters all around the island, where you can gather around the campfire and grab a bite to eat after a day of fun and play. Bornholm is a large outdoor playground in a safe environment with room for everyone.

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Exciting family-friendly museums and attractions

Spring on Bornholm not only offers beautiful and unique experiences in nature. The island also has a wide range of exciting attractions and museums, both indoors and outdoors, worth experiencing.

Meet a dinosaur

Visit the popular activity centre, NaturBornholm in Aakirkeby, where you will be taken back in time to the creation of Bornholm. Did you know that Bornholm is the only place in Denmark where terrestrial dinosaurs existed? At NaturBornholm, you can see the impressive dinosaurs in their original size, and like everything else at NaturBornholm, you are welcome to touch them – if you dare…

Pirates and soldiers

East of Gudhjem, you will find the sea fortress Christiansø, where the old, well-kept fortifications testify to the island’s past as a naval base. Christiansø is a unique place, also for children. Did you know that there are no cars on Christiansø? And that there are only two kinds of mammals – hedgehogs and mice? On the other hand, during the spring, you can experience beautiful, brooding ducks and a lot of migratory birds.

And then, of course, there is the exciting history of the place. Take the ferry from Gudhjem and go on a day trip to hear how pirates and soldiers lived side-by-side on Denmark’s easternmost point many years ago.

There are many activities on Bornholm during spring. You could go for a walk with a bird of prey, visit Denmark’s largest waterfall, time travel to the Middle Ages, or try a family miniature golf tournament on one of the island’s great miniature golf courses.

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Family-friendly restaurants

Time to relax and enjoy family-friendly foods

Of course, there should also be time to relax and perhaps be tempted by Bornholm’s many sweets made from local ingredients. Taste the soft caramels, delicious ice cream, chocolates, and so much more. Bornholm also offers several excellent child-friendly restaurants, where you can taste the ingredients of Bornholm, with menus suited for every age. 

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