Bornholm for kids - your guide to exciting spring activities

Spring on Bornholm is a time with a lot of activities for kids. The Sunshine island offers a wide range of hyggelige, funny and exciting attractions and experiences - both outside and inside.

Read our suggestions for your spring vacations with kids on Bornholm here

Enjoy an exciting spring holiday for kids

On Bornholm you could go and discover the unspoiled nature with children-friendly bicycle trails and walks along the stunning, rocky coastline. There are also a lot of family-friendly activities, that you could attend: Enjoy a day in an amusement park or come close to the island’s history in one of the many nature centres. Or would you like to take a day trip to the old sea fortress, where you can see, how both pirates and soldiers lived side by side in former times?

Bornholm also draws with sweet temptations based on local foods: Visit the cosy stores on the island and be tempted by handmade wine gum, sweet and soft caramels, ice-cream, made of local and ecologically grown ingredients and much more …

Here is your guide to spring attractions on Bornholm

Spring on Bornholm not only draws with unique and unspoiled nature, that should be discovered - but there are also a lot of attractions, that you can visit and experience. Here is a little selection:

Here is your guide to family-friendly eateries on Bornholm

In spring there aren't necessarily as many open restaurants on Bornholm than during summer. However there is a lot of space at the restaurants, that are open - and children are more than welcome. Also in the maybe slightly higher-class restaurants on Bornholm. Here is a little selection of eateries on Bornholm:
Bornholm for children
Sea fishing on Bornholm
Bicycle route - The Bornholm Gourmet Route
Food & Drinks
Bornholm Smokehouses

Gourmet for kids

Many kids love cooking. Maybe this vacation is the right time and place for you to induct your kids to the art of cooking. The Food culture Centre in Melsted close to Gudhjem is a place, where your kids can learn to prepare delicious meals from the many tasty ingredients that can bve found in the Bornholm pantry.

Remember to stop by some of the many small booths that can be found along the streetsides. There you can buy fresh and local ingredients for a perfect family dinner. Bornholm has also several gourmet restaurants, where children are more than welcome – and there are also a lot of family friendly restaurants, where the staff knows, what kids like to eat. Visit also the Bornholm smokehouses, where the herring is smoked and becomes golden in the end. That’s the time, when you can enjoy the warm herring.

Here's your shopping guide for the whole family

You'll find a a lot of family-friendly stores on Bornholm. Toy stores, clothes and much more, that is word taking a closer look at. Find a first selection here:

Here is your guide to accommodation for the whole family

How's that: A large summer house, a hyggelig guesthouse or a summer apartment for the whole family during your next Bornholm vacation? Also hotels, hostels and other accommodation have offers for families. Here is s little selection:

Your guide to family friendly events

During your spring vacation on Bornholm, you could take part in some of the many events for both adults and children. Here is a little selection:
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