Visit the museums on Bornholm

When you visit one of the many museums on Bornholm, you can learn more about the unique history of the island. Whether it is pouring down or the sun is shining - the Bornholm museums are always worth a visit.

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A visit to one of the many museums on Bornholm will always help you understanding our island better. That is regardless whether you are interested in history, arts, geology, old cars or something totally different. On Bornholm you’ll always find a museum that you may find interesting.

And well, there are the kids. Almost all museums are aimed at families with children, either by having children-friendly exhibitions or by offering special activities for the younger visitors. Often there are a lot of special events for kids at the summer school break. And yes – even an art museum is exciting and informative for children.

Choose your museum from what you are interested in

Nature, history, arts, society or modern ages – there is abundance of museums on Bornholm. Choose the museum you want to visit from different catogories.

Bornholm History in a museum

Here is a small selection of museums, that cover the unique history of Bornholm

Bornholm Arts & Crafts at the museum

Bornholm is renowned for its fine and high quality arts and crafts. Here is a small selection of museums, where you can see Bornholm arts and Crafts.

Family-friendly museums on Bornholm

Many of the museums on Bornholm are family-friendly and have exhibitions and activities that are aimed towards children. Here is a small overview:

All museums on Bornholm

Here is a total overview of all museums on Bornholm - regardless what category they belong to.
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