The 10 most popular attractions on Bornholm

There are a lot of exciting and interesting experiences and attractions - and many of them are open all year. Here is our overview of the 10 most popular attractions on Bornholm.

Bornholm is well-known for its unique nature, its rocky cliffs, the beautiful and white sandy beaches – but Bornholm also offers many attractions and adventures for both adults and children. Some of the attractions are even free to visit, like Hammershus Castle Ruin and the new Visitor Center. Here at Northern Europes largest castle ruin, you can get an idea of how people lived on and reigned from such a large castle in the middle ages. You could also visit the buffalos deep in Almindingen forest – or take a day trip to Northern Europes first sea fortress Christiansø from 1684.

Here are the 10 most popular attractions on Bornholm

All these attractions are perfect for both families with children or just for the two of you.


Northern Europes largest castle ruin Hammerhus

Get an idea of how people lived on and reigned from such a large castle during the middle ages - with a magnificient view on the Baltic Sea.


The cosy amusement park Brændesgårdshaven

Have a great day with the kids at this really cosy amusement park, with animals, rowing boats, zip lines and many other amusements.


The buffalo herd in Almindingen forest

There is a buffalo herd in Almindingen forest that you can visit. You can even come rather close to the about 15 buffalos, that live here in the forest and help reinstate it. When you actually see the buffalos, please keep a safety distance of about 250 feet.


Northern Europes first Sea Fortress Christiansø

If you want to see an old sea fortress, you should visit Christiansø. Get an idea of how soldiers and pirates lived here side by side in former times. Take the ferry from Gudhjem and visit the islands Christiansø and Frederiksø.


The former military area Bornholmertårnet

Participate in the Spy Hunt or see a real jet fighter - or enjoy the view from the 230 feet high former surveillance tower.


The Bornholm Art Museum - Denmarks maybe most beautiful Art Museum

Visit one of Denmarks most beautiful art museums - situated right at the water. See the works of the Bornholm painters and Skagen painters - the kids can go on an Animal Hunt: How many animals can you find in the paintings? You could even become really creative in the kids' corner and create your own art works.


Dinos and alligators at NaturBornholm Nature Center

Visit the dinosaurs and see the huge footprints that they left in the nature many hundreds of million years ago. Or see the real alligators at the nature center - or participate in one of the many workshops for both grown-ups and kids.


Kings and Knights at the Medieval Center of Bornholm

If you want to get an idea and experience by your self how people lived in the Middle Ages - then visit the Medieval Center of Bornholm, not far from the Round Church in Østerlars.


The World's smallest trotting course - Bornholms Brand Park

There is always a cosy atmosphere at Bornholms smallest trotting course - cheer for your favourite horse. Often you can also go and visit the horse stables and pet the horses.


Northern Europes largest Miniature Golf Course Bornpark

At this miniature golf course that has the shape of the island Bornholm, you can compete against each other - mum and dad against the kids or brother against sister etc.

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The sights on Bornholm are situated close to each other and you can choose from so many, that you still can discover new ones even though you have been on Bornholm several times.

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