10 places to go on Bornholm with kids in spring

Here are 10 great suggestions for you to go and have fun with your kids this spring.

When you come to Bornholm for your spring vacation, a lot of spring activities for both kids and adults are waiting for you. Here are 10 suggestions for, what you can do.

Try these 10 activities


Go for a bike tour in the Paradise Hills

Go for a bike tour on Eastern Bornholm and visit the Pedestal Rock in the Paradise Hills (Paradisbakkerne). And yes - it moves! At least if you know, how to move it.


Play miniature golf at BornPark

Whom of you is better to play miniature golf on Northern Europe's largest miniature golf course BornPark close to Østerlars - mum, dad or you kids?


Visit the Castle Ruin Hammershus and the new Visitor Centre

See how knights and soldiers lived on Northern Europes largest castle ruin Hammershus in ancient times and pay also a visit to the new and award-winning visitor centre with an exhibition about the castle ruin.


Say hello to a dinosaur

At the nature centre NaturBornholm you can see an exhibition on the Dinosaurs, that lived on Bornholm for many millions of years ago.


See the four unique round churches

Churches don't necessarily have to be quadrangular - here on Bornholm you can visit four churches, that are round.


Become a Knight for a day

At the Medieval Centre of Bornholm you can become a Knight for a day and learn more about live in ancient times.


Go to the Beach

Take a long walk on Dueodde Beach, which is one of Denmark's longest sandy beaches and has the finest sand.


See the Birds of Prey

At Birds of Prey Show Bornholm you can see small and big birds up close - and see the breathtaking shows with the birds.


Meet a real buffalo

In the "Buffalo Forest" on Chr. X. vej in Almindingen Forest you can see real buffalos.


Taste the Bornholm Gold

Visit one of the island's ten smoke houses and taste a real Bornholm Delicacy, the "Sun over Gudhjem".

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