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Spring holidays on Bornholm are full of great experiences

One thing that characterises Bornholm and makes the island stand out from the rest of Denmark is the fantastic rock formations you encounter, especially on the northern part of Bornholm. A walk along the coastal path is always an impressive sight, but did you know that Bornholm offers no less than 13 waterfalls?

Of course, they are not the size of Angel Falls in Venezuela or Niagara Falls in Canada, but they are ours, and they are entirely unique. Especially in the spring, they are an absolutely fantastic sight when the water runs over the rocks.

Denmark’s highest waterfall – Døndalen (20 metres or 65 ft), is located between Allinge and Gudhjem. In the spring, the ground is covered with white anemones. Before that, the ramsons appear with their spicy aroma and garlic-like taste – an early herald of spring, which is frequently used in Bornholm cuisine.

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Taste of Bornholm
Here are four beautiful waterfalls

Enjoy beautiful walks all over the island

Bornholm is great for hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers. In fact, in 2021, Bornholm was named the second-best hiking destination in Europe by the German hiking magazine TREKKING. In the spring, the sky is blue, and the air is clean & fresh, perfect for outdoor activities – which we all need after the long, dark and wet winter months.

The terrain is versatile, and you will find good hiking trails all over the island, in different lengths and levels of difficulty. Whether you choose to hike around the island on the old rescue trails along the coast or hike through Højlyngsstien, you will experience beautiful nature and rich wildlife. Did you know that you can be lucky to experience both sea eagles and bison on Bornholm?

Try out the island’s many mountain bike trails

Bornholm is known for its passionate spirits, not just in cuisine and crafts. Bornholm has developed into a mecca for MBT enthusiasts. The hope is to make Bornholm one of the best MTB destinations in the Nordic region.

Take your mountain bike with you on holiday or rent one when you arrive on the island. One thing is for sure – Bornholm’s unique terrain gives you a biking experience out of the ordinary. In the spring, there is plenty of room all over the island.

Hiking - Experience the ancient coastal paths
Unique outdoor activities
World-class crafts

Explore Bornholm’s history

History has left clear traces on Bornholm, and you can experience many of the cultural-historical memories around the island. You might already know Northern Europe’s largest castle ruin, Hammershus and Østerlars Round church, but have you visited ‘Gryet’? The island’s most extensive collection of monumental stones. You can also experience beautiful, fragrant lilies of the valley that adorn the forest ground in the spring. Or how about visiting the cannon positions from World War II at Dueodde?

On Christiansø, which you sail to from Gudhjem, the well-kept fortifications testify to the island’s past as a naval base.

Suppose you want to dive even deeper into the island’s past and soul. In that case, there are many museums dedicated to famous painters, local history, Bornholm’s origins, or internationally renowned Bornholm authors.

A proud tradition of good craftsmanship

Bornholm arts and crafts are world-class. Proud traditions focused on high quality and beautiful design have secured Bornholm international recognition. As the first place in Europe, Bornholm was awarded the title World Craft Region – which can be compared to the food’s Michelin designation.

In the spring, you have plenty of opportunities to experience why Bornholm has a unique position when it comes to crafts. The island’s skilled artisans are happy to invite you inside their homes or workshops for a completely unique experience.

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“On a dot of Danish land in the Baltic Sea, chefs have elevated local ingredients and sparked an island-wide culinary awakening.”

– Travel + Leisure Magazine

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