Spring on Bornholm - enjoy a perfect holiday for couples

Spring is the time, when everything becomes alife again - also on Bornholm, where you can enjoy rocky cliffs and sandy beaches in a great and unspoiled nature; a lot of sights, like the round churches or Northern Europe's largest castle ruin Hammershus - as well as a lot of other experiences.

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Bornholm is made for phantastic holiday memories

Do you want to enjoy a spring vacation, where everything is close to you, delicious and local produced food, outdoor activities in the beautiful nature as well as arts and cultural experiences? The Bornholm is the perfect place for you. With more than 140 kms coastline with breathtaking steep and rocky cliffs, long white sandy beaches and cosy old fishing villages – the island has is all. And because of the size of Bornholm, there is never more than half an hour to the next cosy experiece – no matter where on Bornholm you stay overnight.

Historical sights, round churches and castle ruins

History has left its footprints on Bornholm. You could visit the beautiful old round churches or Northern Europe’s largest castle ruin Hammershus, where you can visit the brand new visitor center. Only an hour away with the ferry from Gudhjem is the old and well-kept sea fortress Christiansø which in every corner of the small islands reminds you of the time, when the Danish kings demonstrated their naval power in the Baltic Sea area.

If you are more into activity holidays, then you could try the great bike paths, that crisscross the beautiful nature of the island over more than 230 kms. Also mountainbiking is very popular on Bornholm, where you have access to different trails. If you rather are interested in running, you’ll find a lot of wonderful and breathtaking routes in the island’s forest areas and along the coast.

Unspoiled nature, activity holidays

So, you are a golfer? No problem – Bornholm offers four 18 hole golf courses, which all have their particular nature and terrain. Adventurers can climb on the steep, rocky cliffs, they can go kayaking, surfing, diving and much more – Bornholm is the island of adventures and possibilities.

Travel to Bornholm
Østerlars round church
Outdoor and active holidays on Bornholm
Walks on Bornholm
Fishing on Bornholm
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Your guide to spring experiences on Bornholm

"It is not enough merely to exist! I need freedom, sunshine, and a little flower for a companion.” - on Bornholm you can have much more than the butterfly in the tale of the famous Danish author H. C. Andersen wishes for. Get a small selection of attractions and sights here:

Your guide to accommodation on Bornholm

Whether you are staying for three weeks or just a prolonged weekend this spring - here is a selection of accommodation possibilities on Bornholm:
Food & Drinks
Gourmet on Bornholm

The gourmet adventure on Bornholm

These years both Danish and International media almost pilgrimage to Bornholm in order to learn and report about the island’s food and gastronomy adventure. The food culture house Gaarden in Melsted is a good place to start. Visitors will see examples of the historical food production, old kitchen traditions and the modern, blooming, Bornholm food culture through workshops, lectures, guided tours that focus on the local food culture.
Another chance to get aquainted with the Bornholm food culture is the cooking event “Sol over Gudhjem” (Sun over Gudhjem), that is held at the harbour of Gudhjem every year in June. Four of Denmarks best chefs conjure Bornholm food into a tasty and delicious meal.

Guide Michelin star, Torvehal Bornholm and the Bornholm smokehouses

The Bornholm food culture can be recognized in a lot of Bornholm restaurants’ menues. Speaking of gourmet, the adventure had its beginning at restaurant Kadeau in Sømarken, which in 2016 got one the first Guide Michelin star outside of the big cities.
There isn’t anything more authentical to Bornholm food culture than the typical smokehouses in the small coastal towns Hasle, Allinge, Gudhjem, Svaneke, Aarsdale, Nexø, Snogebæk, Østre Sømark and Arnager. Most of them have a tremendous fish buffet – and paying a visit to one of the smokehouses is almost a “must” while vacationing on Bornholm.
Torvehal Bornholm has gathered a wide selection of Bornholms best food producers – the food market is a perfect place to shop for your hyggelig “Dinner for two”. But you should also visit food producers out on the island, many have their own farm shop – you can’t get any fresher food than there.

Bornholm Food
Food & Drinks
Bornholm Smokehouses
Torvehal Bornholm

Your guide to eateries on Bornholm

No matter if your want to enjoy a delicious meal or just have a good cup of coffee and a tasty piece of locally baked cake - or a glass of wine in cosy surroundings - here is a selection of Bornholm eateries:
Arts and Crafts on Bornholm
Music on Bornholm

Your guide to spring shopping on Bornholm

By the way, Bornholm has been named the first World Craft Region in Europe. And with ceramicists, glass blowers and other artists and craftsmen, the island is worth more than just a simple shopping tour. You could visit these boutiques and stores:
Trolling Master Bornholm 2019
Bornholms Kunstrunde

Your guide til events in spring

Bornholm offers a lot of cultural events all year. Here is a little selection of events and activities that you can see this spring:
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