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The mountain-bike trails at and around Rytterknægten are developing rapidly. Trailbuilders Bornholm are working together with Denmark’s Nature Agency and Destination Bornholm to lay down the trails, and new trails are being cleared on a continuous basis. Currently riders have six marked trails from which to choose.

Trailbuilders Bornholm with new projects
From the parking lot, you can start out on the blue loop which runs through the forest and ends up on Rytterknægten after approx. 2.5 km. Halfway down you encounter a blue connecting track, which leads up to Rømer’s tableau. From here, five trails descend to the red loop at the bottom. The trails have been built with quality over quantity in mind, so expect to experience Bornholm’s unique terrain features to their fullest.

New trails in 2018
As mentioned, new trails are added regularly, and already from 2018 the trail network will have been doubled.

If you wish to improve your skills or leverage your riding to the maximum, it may be helpful to book an instructor or a guide. Happy trails!

Download a map over the Mountainbike trails here (in Danish).


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  • Kongemindevejen 1
  • 3720 Aakirkeby
  • Rytterknægten


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