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The mountain-bike trails at Rytterknægten delivers MTB-experiences, which are unique compared to other places in Denmark. Try the Bornholmian rocky-earthy landscape in Almindingen, where you will find 17 mountain-bike trails, where focus lies on fun and challenging downhills. Here, you will find loads of hours on you bike. The trails have been built by Trailbuilders Bornholm in cooperation with the local Nature Agency of Bornholm and Destination Bornholm.

A system of trails with possibilites

Trailcenter Bornholm in Almindingen is not a system of trails, as you know it from other places in Denmark. The trails encompass solid cliff surfaces on a large scale, and the steep various terrain gives you a large variation in flow and difficulty. We don’t see the system of trails as a traditional roundtrip but a wide wired network. Focus lies on fun and challenging downhills. To utilise the terrain at a max, many downhills share the same uphills. The areas have a lot of rock and cliff, which may make a crash even more serious. Therefore, be aware. Also, it’s a good idea to get off your bike and inspect the technical difficult trails before you ride them for the first time. Always ride with helmet; use of gloves, kneecaps and back protectors is encouraged. Most of the trails is layered with crushed granite, so you can ride them most of the year. However, we encourage you to spare the trails, when it’s extremely soaking wet.


Trails for all riders

In Trailcenter Bornholm you will find trails of great variety and difficulty; from green (very easy) to black (difficult),  where the most difficult optional features are marked as orange. The green trails are realtively wide trails with moderate elevations.

The blue trails are a bit more difficult but still for the lightly experienced; however, you need to have basic MTB-skills. Here, you will find singletrails with moderate elevation, where short steep downhills can occur.

The red trails are of middle difficulty and is built for the experienced mountain-biker. With challenging up- and downhills, you must expect drops, holes, large roots and rocks as well as narrow passages and singletrails. All obstacles on the red trails can be driven with full contact to the ground on low speed.

The black trails are difficult and is reserved for the expert mountain-biker. You will find steep and very challenging up- and downhills, with drops, jumps, holes, roots and rocks with intense passages as well as singletrails. On the black trails not all obstacles can be driven full contact to the ground.

The orange options on the black trails are reserved for the absolute extreme mountain-biker, where specialised disciplines come into play. Enjoy steep downhill features with large constructed obstacles, jumps and more. These features require special downhill- or freeride bikes and use of safety equipment, as for example full-face helmet, back protector, neck brace, knee caps, gloves and glasses.

If you wish to improve your skills or get the maximum out of your rides, you can hire an instructor or guide. Happy Trails!

Overview of the trails


Green trails (very easy)

  • Sneglesporet (1,8 km)
  • Skildpadden (550 m)
  • Pugga Me Fyjl (børne- og teknikspor) (150 m)

Blue trails (easy)

  • Jylkâttijn (2,2 km)
  • Citronmånen (650 m)

Red trails (middle)

  • Hammeren (850 m)
  • Sløngan (400 m)
  • The Real McKofoed (600 m)
  • Til Fløjtebjerget (300 m)
  • Builder’s Baby (350 m)
  • Bornholmerflåw (300 m)
  • Skovmandens (350 m)

Black trails (hard)

  • Mørk Guld (300 m)
  • Krølle-Bølles Delight (300 m)
  • Den Gamle (800 m)
  • Bøvl (300 m)
  • Rabalderstræde (350 m)

Download a map of the trails her.


Facilities in the area

It is possible to purchase coffee, drinks, snacks and candy at Rytterknægten. The toilet in the café-building is open all year.




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Rytterknægten in Almindingen Forest

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