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The twin towns of North Bornholm are known for being the birthplace of the Folkemødet festival, as well as a cultural treasure trove set against the backdrop of Hammershus, the biggest castle ruins in Northern Europe.

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Allinge-Sandvig – where Bornholm’s natural beauty and cultural heritage meet

The twin towns of Allinge-Sandvig are the heart of North Bornholm. Here the island’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage come together in perfect harmony.

Every year, the towns host Folkemødet, a unique festival for democratic debate that attracts visitors from all over Denmark.

Just a stone’s throw away is Hammershus, the largest castle ruins in Northern Europe and a proud guardian of Bornholm’s dramatic history. The twin towns of Allinge-Sandvig not only offer a genuine break from the daily hustle and bustle, but a chance to immerse yourself in the island’s cultural and natural treasures, making your holiday truly memorable.

Scenic activities and cultural treasures in one

Allinge-Sandvig is the perfect spot for both nature lovers and culture vultures.

The area is a true paradise for hiking and cycling, with well-marked trails winding along the dramatic coastline. The area surrounding Hammeren with views of Opalsøen (the Opal Lake) and Hammershus is particularly breathtaking. Opalsøen (the Opal Lake) is actually man-made and a relic from the heyday of granite quarrying in the second half of the 19th century, when granite was Bornholm’s biggest export. 

Northwest of Allinge is the rocky slope of Madsebakke, home to Denmark’s largest collection of rock carvings. The area is perfect for in-depth exploration and offers a unique insight into the island’s past. It is also the start of the excellent hiking route Cirkelstien.


Visit these attractions in and around Allinge-Sandvig
Join Gitte Holtze on the hiking route: Cirkelstien

Festivals and community

Allinge-Sandvig is a hub of cultural life, hosting a wealth of festivals and events every year. The towns are not only the location of the Folkemødet festival, but also the Knitting Festival and a large number of concerts. The New Year’s Concert, Wonderfestiwall and Bornholm Music Festival are just some of the highlights, attracting visitors from all over the country with their musical diversity.

While on the subject of music, Allinge is also home to Gæstgiveren, which hosts some wonderful concerts throughout the summer, featuring well-known artists such as Lukas Graham and Peter Sommer.

Folkemødet on Bornholm – Denmark's democracy festival
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Holidays in Allinge-Sandvig – great places to stay

North Bornholm is a beautiful and popular holiday destination, and accommodation is in high demand, and not just at the annual Folkemødet festival in Allinge.

The towns boast everything from cosy hotels and guesthouses to beautiful holiday centres, campsites and hostels.

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Everything within easy reach: Microbreweries, street food, ice cream and gourmet restaurants

There are plenty of secret little places worth visiting in and around Allinge-Sandvig.

Enjoy homemade ice cream on the warm cliffs, sample treats from the exquisite little bakery with its own pizza oven as you breathe in the aroma of freshly baked bread. Street food and beer from the local brewery enjoyed in the harbour are the perfect complement to a sunny day on the island.

The restaurants are diverse and offer dishes for every taste and budget. Or you could just enjoy a great-tasting cup of coffee in one of the many cosy cafés. How about a visit to a traditional smokehouse? Allinge-Sandvig actually has two of them.

Great places to eat in and around Allinge-Sandvig
Five quaint places in Tejn
Great places to shop in and around Allinge and Sandvig

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