Bornholms Museum

Visit the exciting cultural-historical Bornholms Museum in Rønne.

Bornholms Museum – a Cultural History Museum

Bornholms Museum is the island’s cultural history museum in the centre of Rønne, reflecting 10,000 years of history – both the old and the recent times. Bornholms Museum is a state-renowned cultural history museum for Bornholm and Christiansø.

See exhibitions about Guldgubber, Bornholmerure and much more

At Bornholms Museum in Rønne, you will find exhibitions of gold and silver treasures, the well-known Bornholmerure, wartime memorabilia, maritime history and much more.

Bornholm Museum is 125 years old

Bornholms Museum was founded in 1893 and today contains collections that show Bornholm history from the oldest times to the present.

Activities for children at Bornholms Museum

Learn how to write with a stylus, as they did in school a long time ago. Or you could find the troll Krølle-Bølle. Working as an archaeologist is exciting – you can try it as well at the Museum.


Bornholms Museum is in addition to the cultural history museum in Rønne, also Hjorths Fabrik, Erichsens Gård and Melstedgård / Gaarden.

During the summer season you can buy a shared weekly dinner for DKK 100, – for one week to visit the four departments during their current opening hours.

The ticket can be purchased at the four mentioned departments under Bornholms Museum.

Prices are as follows:

Single visit to: Bornholms Museum, Hjorths Fabrik or Melstedgård: 70 kroner.

Single visit to: Erichsens Gård: 50 kroner.

Children under 18 years old: Free

From 10 April to 17 October can the Joint ticket / weekly ticket be bought:

Adults: DKK 100 – The ticket is valid for two or four departments for one week. Can be purchased at one of the places or

Voucher ticket for six exhibitions: 170 DKK Valid from 10 April to 21 October for single visits to Bornholms Museum’s four exhibition venues, Bornholms Kunstmuseum and NaturBornholm. The ticket is purchased at or one of the sites.


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Opening hours this week:


Adult 18+

DKK 70,-

Multi ticket*

DKK 100,-

Journey ticket**

DKK 170,-

Children under 18


Members of Bornholms Museumsforening


Special offers

*Muti ticket gives free entrance to all four departments of Bornholms Museum for one week
**Journey ticket gives a single-use entrance to all six attractions: Bornholms Museum’s four departments, Bornholm Art Museum and NaturBornholm for one adult.


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