Experience the waterfalls of Bornholm

Recommendations for four beautiful waterfalls on Bornholm

Bornholm has no less than 13 waterfalls in total

With so many beautiful waterfalls to choose from, it can be difficult to choose which ones to visit. Of course, we think all 13 waterfalls are worth a visit. If you are not able to visit all of them the first time, you are always more than welcome to visit Bornholm again.

Spring on Bornholm

Did you know that it’s best to visit a majority of the waterfalls in the spring? This is where there is most water in the ground, and if it has been snowing in the winter, the warmer spring weather will contribute to the island’s streams being filled with melting water from the fields, resulting in more water in the island’s waterfalls. Spring is therefore the perfect time to experience the rushing waterfalls.

Our recommendations for four beautiful waterfalls

Click on the images below to read more about the waterfalls. You can e.g., find more information about the places, pictures and directions.


Denmark's tallest waterfall, Døndalen

In Døndalen, between the cities of Tejn and Gudhjem, you will find Denmark's tallest waterfall. The waterfall rushes down a 22-meter-high cliff wall, and it is therefore an absolutely extraordinary sight. Døndalen is a rift valley, and you can experience lots of beautiful nature in addition to the impressive waterfall.


Bornholm's most beautiful waterfall, Stavehøl

What is referred to by some as Bornholm's most beautiful waterfall is Stavehøl in Kobbeå (Kobbe stream). What especially makes Stavehøl waterfall something completely unique is the almost seven-meter high, uninterrupted fall from the top of the cliff until it hits the stream again. A stunningly beautiful sight.


Pissebækken, Bornholm's ambiguous waterfall

Pissebækken (Urine stream) is Denmark's third highest waterfall and has, contrary to what the name may suggest, some of the cleanest water. There are many good suggestions as to where the name originates from, but no one are entirely certain, because the name dates back to the Middle Ages. However, there are two stories that recur, read about them by clicking on the picture.


Bornholm's hidden gem, Risebækken

The waterfall at Risebækken is very special. In contrast to the island's rocky waterfall, Risebæk waterfall is surrounded by slate. This gives the waterfall a completely different look and it is really beautiful. Another quirk about Risebæk is that the stream is sometimes completely red, due to ochre deposits in the slate.

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