Karamel Kompagniet Gudhjem

The Caramel Company is the story of an heirloom from 1894.

When the mouth closes on a heavenly taste, the eyes often do the same. For a brief moment you are right here. Right now. The world goes on, but it often happens that you quite quickly return – and the hand reaches out for a new caramel!

A worn cookbook, repaired with tape and with small handwritten notes. It is the story of the senses’ memory, especially when it comes to scents. That’s Anna Knightbridge’s story. The founder of the Caramel Company. Built on Grandma’s cookbook from 1894 with the recipe for caramels.

Each time, it should be like a gift you look forward to opening.
Every time it must be possible to taste that we have put every effort into the smallest detail.






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3760 Gudhjem

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