Hallegaard Bornholm

Traditions and craftsmanship go hand in hand

Far out in the countryside is Hallegaard, where the animals roam freely outside all year round.

In the farm shop you will find heavenly steaks, fantastic grilled and cured sausages made from old recipes, produced according to old artisanal traditions.

The café, which is primarily open during the holiday seasons, offers a fresh respite from the hustle and bustle of the coastal towns. Here you can e.g. enjoy the famous Hallegaard hot dog.

Out of season, we also accept smaller companies and make tours on request. If you want to hear more about our various offers, send us an email.



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Tlf.: +45 5647 0870

E-mail: hallegaard@hallegaard.dk

Web: hallegaard.dk


Aspevej 3

3751 Østermarie

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