Gudhjem Røgeri

Gudhjem Smokehouse is the most authentic place to eat "Sol over Gudhjem" (Sun over Gudhjem). This fish speciality is made of a smoked herring, egg yolk, chives and radish - and this is just one option out of many suggestions for a delicious meal. Try also our large popular buffet and our menu.

Restaurant and Shop in Gudhjem
Gudhjem Smokehouse is a smokehouse as well as a shop, where you can order all the delicious smoked food as well as other Bornholm Specialties. We have freshly smoked herring every day through the season. Gudhjem Smokehouse is situated just behind the harbour of Gudhjem and has a beautiful view over the sea. Throughout the schools summer break, we recommend you to make table reservations in advance, if you are a group of more than four people. Every night from July to August we have live music. See also our musiccalendar.

Pappas Pizza in the Smokehouse
During the schools summer break (July to mid August) Gudhjem smokehuse also bakes the well-known Pappas Pizza. A freshly American-Style deep-pan Pizza, which is baked right on the spot after the customers wishes. You can order pizza between noon and 10 pm, when the smokehouse closes. Choose between regular and family size.

Also grill food from the smokehouse
Every night during the schools summer break we extend our popular fish buffet with a salad bar and an outside grill buffet. On the grill you’ll find today’s fish, like tuna or shark, as well as homemade white wine steamed codfish packs. We also offer delicious BBQ spareribs, beef steaks, sausages and baked potatoes with herbs as well as french fries.You can have lemonsauce or Sauce Bearnaise. All buffets combined don’t cost you more than 180 DKK, children under 12 years of age only pay half price – and you can eat as much as you want.

Well, we also offer free WiFi to our guests.


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Tlf. +45 5648 8011




Ejnar Mikkelsensvej 9

3760 Gudhjem

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