Høstet - Havtorn Bornholm

At HOESTET everything is about sea buckthorn and you can take a walk around the sea buckthorn-plantation at 'Fløjlegård' before you go shopping in the farmshop. Sea buckthorn is not just sea buckthorn!

HOESTET, who is owned and managed by Mads and Camilla Meisner, planted their first sea buckthorn-cuttings in 2010 and since then, both the plantation and the selection of sea buckthorn products has grown.

Farmshop and plantation:

You will find a variation products, which has been produced in their own production kitchen on Fløjlegård such as sea buckthorn marmelade, syrup and juice, but they also have products made in corporation with others, beer, snaps and soap.

The farmshop and the plantation are open on weekdays between 15 and 17 and further more on the weekends, when the big flag by the road is up. (this is from spring to autumn)



Guided tours

HØSTET means harvested. Organic sea buckthorn orchard. Hear the story about the origin of this berry and why this family decided to move their life from Copenhagen to Bornholm.

Duration: 1 hr. 15 minutes
Group size: 15 – 60
Options: Cocktail alcoholic or non-alc.
Location: 35 min. from cruise pier

Website: www.hoestet.dk



Opening hours this week:


Tlf. +45 5354 2124

E-mail mads@hoestet.dk

Web hoestet.dk


Ibskervej 34

3730 Nexø

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