Restaurant Le Port

Visit Le Port in Vang and enjoy the beautiful view to the sea, Hammeren and Hammershus.

Restaurant ”Le Port” is located in Vang not more than 5 minutes car ride from Hammershus Castle and a 20 minute car ride from Rønne. The restaurant seats around 55 guests and has the most lovely panorama view of the terrace and the sea.  It is one of the most wonderful places on Bornholm to watch the sunset.

The restaurant has a very charming and cozy atmosphere, it even has a fireplace and the tables are decorated with white tablecloths, fresh flowers and candle lights. The way the tables are set up in the restaurant, Le Port is ideal for business meetings and romantic dinners.
Outside facing west, there is a terrace that has 3 levels where there is sun from morning to evening. The terrace area seats up to 100 persons and can be used in the spring through to late fall.

Nordic cuisine and local ingredients

The menu is French-inspired but has solid, Nordic roots – and we always try to use local ingredients of the season as much as possible. Seafood, in particular, is close to our hearts. Always well prepared, always seasonal, always served by a professional staff in our restaurant with a sea view.​

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Practical information

Tlf. +4556969201



Vang 81

3790 Hasle

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