gaarden / Bornholm House of Local Food Culture

In Denmark's first regional Food Culture House, you can learn more about Bornholm's cuisine. The building also serves as a gathering place for Bornholm's food producers.

Here you get to work yourself

Right next to the Agricultural Museum Melstedgård, you will find gaarden – House of Local Food Culture, where you can experience and learn about Bornholm’s culinary specialties. Gaarden is not a restaurant but a place where guests encounter both the historical food production and old kitchen traditions, as well as the modern flourishing Bornholm food culture – always with the ingredient, preparation, and socializing as focal points. You will “get to work” and prepare food under the expert guidance of the House of Local Food Culture’s experts and historians during various food courses.

Check the calendar

Stay updated on the various open and closed events via the calendar on our website or check our Facebook page to see when we have a course or workshop that suits you.

Handicap-friendly attraction

Access for wheelchairs: Yes*
Handicap parking: Yes, behind the building
Handicap toilet: Yes

* Limited access to some areas though, call us for more information.

Gourmet Bornholm

gaarden – House of Local Food Culture, is also (under the auspices of Gourmet Bornholm) the association of Bornholm’s food producers, used for everything from development and learning to networking and innovation. The house can also be used for various internal and external events.

The gaarden Shop and café “Skafferiet”

In the lovingly renovated farm shop “Skafferiet” – at the agricultural museum – you can buy many of the local products produced by Bornholm’s food producers. The shop offers a wealth of delicacies and exquisite local produce.

Guided tours and workshops


Think school kitchen for grown-ups. Nordic cooking, hiking for wild herbs, master chef class, common meals with fellow travellers. Workshops include Icecream, smoking of foods, traditional Bornholm foods and more.

Duration: 4 hrs.
Group size: 10 – 100
Options: Tour of the historic farm
Location: 25 min. from cruise pier



Opening hours this week:


Tlf. +45 29275964




Melstedvej 25

3760 Gudhjem


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