Nexø Gamle Røgeri

Nexø Gamle Røgeri, the old smokehouse in Nexø, is close to the waves of the Baltic Sea, just north of the city centre.

The old smokehouse of Nexø, Nexø Gamle Røgeri, offers a rich variety of smoked products, that are smoked over alderwood daily. The freshly smoked products are taken out of the oven at 11 am in the morning – you can come by and watch this old tradition and smell the wonderful smell of the smoke.

If you want to enjoy a meal from our menu card, we offer a beautiful view to the Baltic Sea from our terrace. And you can easily keep an eye on your children, while they are playing on our playground.

Besides our smoked food, we also offer hot and cold drinks, like beer from the local brewery in Svaneke and juice/cider from Bornholms Cider Mill. We also have homemade fish cakes, made from codfish or salmon, that are really popular.


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Tlf. +45 5649 3522




Stenbrudsvej 22

3730 Nexø

Winter closed

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