Aarsdale Smokehouse & Bistro

Traditional smokehouse for lunch & bistro for evenings

At Aarsdale Røgeri & Bistro, we are a little different

We are a traditional Smokehouse where you can eat your lunch or you can buy smoked products to take home.

For the evening, we will prepare a menu where the smoke does not appear in all dishes, but may appear in small quantities in other dishes.

All our dishes are starter size, except for the Rotisserie Poussins in the peak season

What we are best known for is the Smoke Master’s and Kitchen Chef’s Guest Offering, which consists of a menu of at least 5 dishes.

Last but not least, we are also a Smokehouse with a competent wine list

See you in Aarsdale in a relaxed atmosphere


It is a good idea to book a table for the evening, whereas for lunch, you just turn up.

Table reservations can be made here: Book a table

Aarsdale Røgeri has been smoking herring for over 100 years and is located in a unique fishing village with a direct view of the Baltic Sea.

The smokehouse’s proud traditions go back three generations to Fisker Anton Peter Pedersen, the first owner of Aarsdale Silderøgeri.

Henning Jensen was the last and has now trained Claus Jørgensen in the trade.

Claus Jørgensen originally trained as a chef and before that on Bornholm. Has he managed the time as head chef and owner of various restaurants and hotels in Copenhagen and the surrounding area.

Smoke master, cook, host, dishwasher, etc

Claus Jorgensen


Practical information

Opening hours this week:


Tlf. +45 30131300

E-mail kontakt@aarsdalerogeri.com

Web www.aarsdalerogeri.dk


Gaden 2, Aarsdale

3740 Svaneke

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