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Svaneke Bryghus

Svaneke Bryghus is a 100% organic brewery. We are at the forefront of the green transition, and all brewing and bottling of beer is CO2 neutral.

Svaneke Bryghus was founded as a pub brewery in the year 2000. Located in the heart of Svaneke it was among the very first of its kind in Denmark. Today, Svaneke Bryghus is a well-established craft brewery with an annual output of 1.7 million liters of organic beer, produced by a dedicated crew of 12 year-round employees.

All beer is brewed locally in Svaneke with the finest organic raw materials and the splendid water from eastern Bornholm, which in 2019 was chosen as Denmark’s best drinking water. The water therefore is left untreated for the brewing process. Time is also cardinal, as cold long-term maturation gives just the right balance and finish to Svaneke beers.


Svaneke Bryghus brews about 30 varieties a year. Some are sold throughout Denmark and Scandinavia, while others are only sold on Bornholm. It is never far from idea to action, so both locals and visitors may very well find themselves in the position of being a highly appreciated taste panel.

The most sold beers are Mørk Guld (Munich-style Dark Lager) and Classic (Vienna-style Pale Lager), which have been part of the portfolio since the very beginning in the year 2000. However, India Pale Ale and the non-alcoholic Don’t Worry Pale Ale are very popular too.

Svaneke Bryghus brews a wide range of non-alcoholic beers in their Don’t Worry-series. Beer in cans was introduced in 2019 which leave a smaller carbon footprint. In the brewpub Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant you will find the full product range including one-off draft varieties.


Svaneke Bryghus focuses heavily on green and sustainable production. Over the years, the brewery has changed from oil to biogas. The brewery is powered by renewable energy only, 35% comes from solar panels on the brewery’s roof, while 65% is purchased as certified wind and solar power. It’s quite reasonable to let the sun contribute to the brewing process when located in Denmark’s most sunny spot. Since the beginning of 2018, the brewery is 100 % organic, and after commissioning of a CO2-recovery plant by the end of 2020, the beer production is now also CO2-neutral. Read more about the sustainable brewery.


For tastings and guided tours, come by for a tour of the brewery or a beer tasting in the restaurant. Book and learn more here

Guided Tours

For tastings and guided tours, come by for a tour of the brewery or a beer tasting in the restaurant.



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