Snogebæk Harbour

Experience the lively and charming fishing hamlet Snogebæk

Snogebæk Harbour

Snogebæk is the easternmost port on south Bornholm, from where the miles of silvery sandy beaches stretch from Nexø to Rønne.

Snogebæk Harbour is actually situated off-shore to prevent it sanding up – a typical problem of south Bornholm harbours. The harbour is well-protected by its two reefs – Salthammerrev and Brorev – where only the harbour’s approach direction provides safe and easy access to the harbour.

Visiting yachters are welcome at the visitor berths behind the harbour’s jetty and in the harbour proper. The harbour’s big smokehouse tells the story of the active commercial fishery that was once based in Snogebæk.

Snogebæk has developed into a big meeting place for tourists from all over south Bornholm. The fishing hamlet is bustling with life, with a variety of speciality shops in addition to the town’s supermarket.

Production of the now world-renowned chocolate began in Snogebæk, which also features an ice cream shop serving ice cream made from local ingredients. The village is also home to craft artists: demonstration workshops let visitors experience the working processes and buy a memento to take back home.

The village features a wide selection of outdoor experiences. It is possible to rent a wide range of equipment, receive training and take part in guided tours. The village is famous for its annual harbour fête which has maintained a 1970s atmosphere – the only harbour fête on the island to do so. Here, local associations serve the Bornholm speciality Grilled Herring, and a local procession of imaginative vessels compete to see who can be the fastest and win the thrilling ”Daredevils of the Slipway” competition.

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