Hiking route: The Coastal Path leg 4 – Gudhjem to Svaneke

Approximately 120 kilometres of beautiful and varied hiking around the entire island: From the beaches in the south to the cliffs in the north. The walk can be done as a multi-day hike, but is also ideal for shorter legs. This is the hike for anyone who really wants to get Bornholm under their skin, and under their hiking boots.

Gitte Holtze

Hiker and outdoor freak as well as journalist, lecturer and author of "jeg lever" about Gitte's hike along the Pacific Crest Trail and "Gå langt", a guidebook to long hikes.

We have chosen to divide the coastal path into seven legs. This article describes leg four from Gudhjem to Svaneke.


4-5 hours
17 km
Difficulty level:
Suitable for prams and wheelchairs:
If you only want to walk this leg, park at the harbour in Gudhjem (payment required) or at the harbour in Svaneke
At the harbour in Gudhjem, in Melsted, at Sannes FamilieCamping, at Ypnastad, in Bølshavn, in Listed and in Svaneke
Access to water:
In all public toilets except Ypnastad, which is a composting toilet.
Some paved country road, otherwise forest path, trail and (cut-back) nature path. A bit hilly, but not too much
Special remarks:
Randkløve Skår is a two-metre wide and 14-metre deep cliff fissure and is definitely worth a closer look.


Map of the route

Below you can download a pdf with an A4 map of the route.


Route description

Discover idyllic half-timbered houses and tiny fishing villages where time stands still, not to mention the rugged rocky coast by Randkløve Skår, a wide fissure in the cliff and a natural phenomenon.

Leave Gudhjem Harbour via the steps at the southern end of the harbour. From here, the path takes you on and between cliffs along the coast to the campsite in Melsted. Cross the campsite and follow the signs to Melsted Harbour, where you can take a detour to the Melstedgaard open-air museum.

Shortly after Melsted Harbour, the route turns onto the road, where you follow the cycle path. Keep an eye on the signs and follow them for about 3 km along a trail to the left down towards the coast and through the woods past Randkløve Skår (follow the signs if you want to go down to the rocks themselves), idyllically situated half-timbered houses, the small and laidback Haralds Harbour and the slightly larger but still laidback Bølshavn, before heading back up the road to Listed.


In Listed you walk past the harbour to the path at the southern end of the town and along a particularly lovely stretch of Kyststien for the last two kilometres towards Svaneke: Gravel path close to the sea and the dramatic cliffs, and just before Svaneke with a lovely view to Vige Harbour and Marina. Follow the signs to the left up the steps after Vige Harbour and through the small streets to Svaneke Harbour.


The Coastal Path 7 hiking stages:

Leg 1 – Rønne – Hasle

Leg 2 – Hasle – Sandvig

Leg 3 – Sandvig – Gudhjem

Leg 4 – Gudhjem – Svaneke

Leg 5 – Svaneke – Snogebæk

Leg 6 – Snogebæk – Boderne

Leg 7 – Boderne – Rønne


Places on the route:

On this hike, you get a chance to visit the following places:


Gudhjem Harbour

Gudhjem’s main harbour is of the authentic Bornholm variety: blasted out of the granite horst jutting up from the coast towards Bokuld and giving the harbour and village an unusual Mediterranean atmosphere.


Gudhjem Smokehouse

Gudhjem Smokehouse is the most authentic place to eat "Sol over Gudhjem" (Sun over Gudhjem). This fish speciality is made of a smoked herring, egg yolk, chives and radish - and this is just one option out of many suggestions for a delicious meal.



Melstedgård is an agricultural museum with animals and fun activities at the farm and in the fields outside Gudhjem on Bornholm.


Randkløve Skår

Experience Randkløve Skår - one of Bornholm's natural attractions. If you follow the rescue trail between Saltuna and Ypnasted, you will see the middle of the Randkløve Skår.



Louisekroen serves first-class beef. Lovely well-hung, juicy steaks


Bay Frost

Visit Bay Frost i Listed. Here you will find delicious special coffee and homemade cake. You can also enjoy a drink in the evening sun.


Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant

Try our custom craft beers on tap, many of which are only brewed once.


Svaneke Watertower

When you enter the city of Svaneke from the North, you'll see the modern three-legged watertower on the right side.

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