Sørens Værtshus

Live music and raw cosyness in Snogebæk - when you come to the idyllic fishing village Snogebæk on southern Bornholm, you absolutely should pay a visit to Sørens Værtshus (Sørens Pub). Or just to "Sørens", as the locals say.

Snogebæk is situated just inbetween two of the best beaches on Bornholm, Balka and Dueodde. And if you should get hungry throughout the day, just order one of the stone oven baked Deep-Pan Pizzas at reasonable prices.

“Sørens” as a landmark in Snogebæk

Enjoy the mood in the small red fishing hut – that, with its coloured lanterns on the outside and the happy mood, has become a kind of a landmark in Snogebæk since 1972. When you come at night, you often can enjoy live music from local and international musicians. The music starts at around 8 pm and lasts to midnight, whereafter the musicbox takes over and takes care of the good mood to the early hours.

Nail contest
If you like to contest, you definetely should take part in the “nail contest”. It’s totally easy: Hammer a nail into a piece of wood as fast as you can. Yes – we have nails for ladies and nails for gentlemen.

And: We offer free Wifi to our guests.


Useful information

Opening hours this week:

Tlf. +45 5648 8020

E-mail info@smokedfish.dk

Web www.sørensværtshusbornholm.dk

Hovedgade 1G, Snogebæk

3730 Nexø

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