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Svaneke Harbour was blasted out of the rock at this town of sunshine and continues to support an active commercial fishery. Visiting yachters are welcome throughout the harbour to which a new jetty was added in 2011, thereby increasing its capacity, also in onshore winds. At the same time, the harbour got a splendid new bathing area with a 1–2–3-metre diving platform.

A stay in Svaneke can be supplemented with a trip to the local skerries where you moor your boat among the rocks. Once ”the red wine and grill” have been carried ashore, you can experience the tranquillity, despite the fact that you can walk around the entire town in less than one hour.

Thee town’s tourist information office is at the harbour office. It will provide you with enough inspiration for many years of return visits, and a common room on the first floor provides a magnificent view of the Baltic Sea and the harbour. Next to the waterfront is the barque ”Svanen” whose length of 180 feet made it the biggest wooden ship ever built on Bornholm. Svanen is now standing 100 metres from where it was built 150 years ago.

Svaneke has been lauded as Denmark’s loveliest market town, and you can experience the production of countless local foods: boiled sweets, caramels, liquorice, ice cream, chocolate, wine gums, cider, soft drinks, pasta, pesto and – not least – the world-famous Svaneke Beer.

The town has splendid restaurants and cafés, a wide variety of seafood – both direct from a fishing boat and at the island’s biggest smokehouse – a well-appointed shopping district, a cinema, galleries, large puppet theatre, active craft artists, as well as interesting landmarks, such as the combined beacon and water tower designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon.

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