Melsted Harbour

Just south of Guhjem you can find Melsted Harbour

Melsted Harbour

Melsted Harbour is a small private harbour well protected between two skerries – Sorteskær and Guleskær.

The port was built out of granite in 1884 and is now the home port for around 50 local pleasure craft and skiffs, but also welcomes small visiting yachts.

Coastal ramparts are located both to the north and south of the harbour. These formed part of Bornholm’s fortifications about seven centuries ago.

Melsted is a small cosy fishing hamlet with small well-kept half-timbered houses and narrow winding streets. Four of the houses still have their original smokehouse chimneys, attesting to the herring smoking of days gone by.

East of the harbour, the attractive sandy beach lies at the foot of a prominent old seaside hotel that is still in operation and houses a gourmet restaurant. The Melstedgaard Agricultural Museum – a 300-year-old Bornholm halftimbered farmstead with a thatched roof – is situated along the highway about 300 metres from the harbour.

Here it is possible to experience how farming was done in days of old. The buildings at the site also house Bornholm’s new Centre for Culinary Heritage, situated in both the ”Skafferiet” shop in the farm’s courtyard building and in a newly constructed building named ”gaarden” (the farm), east of the farmstead itself.

Here it is possible to attend cookery classes and learn to concoct local dishes, as well as buy almost the entire selection of Bornholm’s renowned regional specialities.

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