Randkløve Skår

Experience Randkløve Skår - one of Bornholm's great natural attractions. If you follow the rescue trail between Saltuna and Ypnasted, you will see the middle of the Randkløve Skår.

Randkløve Skår – one of Bornholm’s great nature attractions

The rift valley Randkløve Skår is one of Bornholm’s very great nature attractions. From the steep rocky coast, it cuts deep into the mountain and in the southeast direction into the country. This is in contrast to the island’s other leek valley, which usually runs in a transverse direction, ie northeast-southwest.

The cliffs at Randkløve Skår

The cliffs at Randkløve Skår were shaped by the movements of the ice a long time ago. On the upper side of Randkløve skår you can see a pegmatite with red feldspar and light quartz.

Lush nature forest at Randkløve skår

A beautiful nature forest surrounds Randkløve Skår with wild cherry trees, ash, and oak. There is also heather and junipers in the cliffs. If you visit the area in spring, you will find a beautiful forest floor covered in beautiful blue, yellow and white anemones.

The coastal path

You can follow the country lane from the parking lot at St. Ols institution. If you are walking from the direction of Bølshavn the path will lead you through a gorge to Almehullet and a miniature of Randkløve Skår called ‘Krukkerenden’. The terrain can be difficult, but it is worth the trouble.

How to get to Randkløve Skår

Park your car at the parking lot next to St. Ols institution, Randkløvevej 26, 3760 Gudhjem. Follow the country lane till you reach a row of trees. Turn left and walk down the country lane with the row of trees on your right side. Approximately 500 m down the lane you will find Randkløve Skår.



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