Gudhjem Harbour

Visit Gudhjem's East Harbour

Gudhjem’s main harbour is of the authentic Bornholm variety: blasted out of the granite horst jutting up from the coast towards Bokuld and giving the harbour and village an unusual Mediterranean atmosphere.

In the eastern harbour, visiting yachters are welcome in all basins, but two quays are reserved for the Christiansø ferry service – providing several daily trips to Christiansø Island – and the tour boat Thor – providing guided tours to the Helligdomsklipper cliffs and the Bornholm Art Museum.

There is usually space for everyone, but capacity is reduced in onshore winds when the old oak harbour gate separating the inner and outer docks is closed.

The waterfront has new bathing and toilet facilities, as well as a laundry reserved for visiting yachters.

The town’s tourist information office has relocated to the quay and is pleased to assist visiting yachters with information about all the offerings in the village, including the well-appointed shopping area, interesting cafés and restaurants as well as craft art.

At 10 am the atmosphere is heightened as some of Denmark’s most renowned songs are sung on the waterfront as the first ferry departs for Christiansø Island.

The rock formations around the harbour are frequently used to enjoy everything from smoked herring from the waterfront smokehouse to sunbathing or a dip in the deep blue Baltic Sea at sunset.

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