6 tips for what to see on Christiansø and Frederiksø

When you go to the old Naval Fortress Christiansø, there's much you can see and experience. We have 6 tips for you here:

Christiansø, the oldest naval fortress of the Nordic countries from 1684, offers intriguing experiences and a peak into history.

You can do the following in 3 hours on Christiansø and Frederiksø:

A visit on Ertholmene typically lasts about three hours. You arrive with the ferry from Gudhjem in the late morning and go back early in the afternoon. You can then choose to go on a guided tour, which is offered every day of the summer. But you can also explore the old naval fortress on your own. You can also choose to stay overnight on one of the islands to get even more time for exploration.

Remember the rules when walking around on the isles

When you move around Christiansø and Frederiksø remember that you are in a nature reserve. Specific rules therefore apply. → Read more her


Here you find our 6 tips for what to see on Christiansø and Frederiksø


See the newly renovated Great Tower on Christiansø

The Great Tower on Christiansø is more than 330 years old and has a fascinating history as fortress behind it. In 1800 the tower was made into a lighthouse, and after the closure of the naval fortress in 1855 the tower slowly decayed. In 2017 the Great Tower underwent a comprehensive renovation, so today you can experience exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events in the tower.


Experience the museum in the Little Tower on Frederiksø

When you have seen the Great Tower, you should also visit the museum in Little Tower on Frederiksø. At the museum you can learn about the life on the naval fortress and see a large model of the fortress as it looked like in 1850. You can also purchase an entrance ticket for both towers at the island’s tourist information or from the local guides.


“Ud på flisen, Karoline” on Christiansø Guesthouse

The song "Ud på flisen, Karoline" about the waiter Laurits and the book-keeper Miss Karoline became nationally known in 1958. The painter and poet Henning Køie wrote the lyrics based on an incident on Christiansø Guesthouse. Today you can enjoy a good dinner at the place that inspired this national treasure of a song.


The prison “The Balloon” on Frederiksø

At the beginning of the 19th century, “The Balloon” was a high-security prison for political prisoners. From 1826-1841 the dissident Dr. Dampe was imprisoned here. Today, you can see his prison cell and stay overnight in one of the other five cells.


Experience the King’s bulwark on Christiansø

The King’s bulwark is one of the larger bulwarks on the island used to defend the fortress. Of the six cannons pointing out towards the sea, several are still in use for salutes and other occasions.


Jump into the waves from the jetty on Frederiksø

If you feel like going for a refreshing swim in the Baltic Sea – overseen by the grey seals – jump in the water from the jetty where there is also a changing room.

Need some orientation on the islands?

Download a map over the Naval Fortress Christiansø here – with the islands Frederiksø and Christiansø.

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