Café Rosa

In the Cafe Rosa bakery you find delicious, homemade Danish and Swedish baked goods, with an emphasis on the organic.

Café Rosa is run by Maya, who is a trained baker specializing in organic craft breads and classic cakes and with her Japanese roots she bakes with perfection. Despite the diminutive size of the stall, amazing sourdough bread, muffins, and homemade cakes are baked on site. Maya also brought inspiration from Stockholm, where she has lived for some years, also she has brought the Swedish recipe for Cinnamon Buns with her. Otherwise, it is classics like Raspberry Slices, Napoleon Hats, Carrot Cakes, and lentilshaped cakes that are baked. Also try Maya’s amazing rye bread.


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Tlf. +45 5036 2876




Skyttegænget 3

3760 Gudhjem

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