Gudhjem's West Harbour / Nørresand

In Gudhjem's western harbour, Nørresand, you'll find peaceful surroundings and plenty of room for guests.

The two harbours of Gudhjem were built for freight and passenger traffic more than a century ago.

Two harbours were needed to make it possible to access the village no matter which direction the wind is blowing.

Nørresan harbour, situated in the west part of Gudhjem, has plenty of space for visitors and it is a splendid supplement to the main harbour when easterly winds reduce the main harbour’s capacity.

Nørresan is the home port for Gudhjem locals, and a favourite bathing site for many is among the rocks and skerries west of the harbour.

The outdoor activity company Kystklar started to offer thrilling rubber-boat safaris to Helligdomsklipperne cliffs in 2017. A new café opened in the harbour’s former smokehouse in 2016.

The Oluf Høst Museum, with its permanent exhibition of the island’s most renowned painter, is situated near the harbour. In addition, exploring the village is an experience all its own up and down the secluded stair-stepped paths, brimming with Mediterranean atmosphere, and along the old rescue paths east of the harbour towards Melsted and west of the harbour towards Helligdomsklipperne cliffs.

”Sun Above Gudhjem” is the name of both a big chefs’ competition held in Gudhjem every year and a dish: smoked herring on a slice of rye bread, with onions, egg and radishes (perhaps named after the fact that it is possible to see the sun rise up from and set on the sea in Gudhjem around Midsummer’s Eve).

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