Parking in Gudhjem

Gudhjem is a popular town, especially during summer, which means that you can experience congestion.

Gudhjem is Denmark’s only mountain town, and the road down to the harbour is quite steep. Therefore, many of the city’s guests try to drive down to the harbour and find car parks there. In the city centre, you will find a limited number of paid parking spaces at the harbour. It can be challenging to find a place to park the car, which creates traffic jams.

To have the best vacation on Bornholm, we recommend you park the car above the town where you will find several free parking spaces.

Avoid driving down to the harbour in May-September

If you visit Gudhjem in May-September, we recommend that you park your car in the car parks above the town and enjoy Gudhjem town while walking 500 meters down to the harbour.

There are 300 parking lots in Gudhjem for the town’s guests. Signs guide you from the parking lot to the centre and at the same time tell about the city’s history and development. When walking down Gudhjem, you can really experience the busy main street and the beautiful small paths, thus bringing home even more memorable experiences.

Here you will find the car parks

You can find car parks by the gas station on Helligdomsvej (look on Google Maps), just opposite Brøddegade. You can also find a large car park at Melstedvej near Gudhjem Church and Gudhjem Søpark (See Google Maps). Both car parks are marked with yellow on the map below.

Advice for drivers and tourist buses

We strongly encourage you not to drive through Gudhjem by bus unless strictly necessary. We recommend that you use one of the car parks above the town.

By walking down through Gudhjem, your guests will experience the beautiful main street in the best way and thus have even more memorable experiences to take home.

The walk from the bus stop at the gas station and down to the harbour is 500 meters. It is often faster to walk than to drive or take the bus.

Suppose your guests are older or otherwise physically limited, and you estimate they will have difficulty walking the 500 meters up the hill. It is possible to collect your guests in the bus station directly opposite Gudhjem Hostel at an agreed time.

Experience Gudhjem

Gudhjem is full of exciting experiences. Here are four suggestions for you:

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