Almindingen Forest

Visit the beautiful forest Almindingen on Bornholm. Almindingen - eller "all mans possession" - is Denmarks fifth biggest forest with an area of about 6.000 hektar or nearly 15,000 acres

Exciting sights i Almindingen
Almindingen offers a lot of exciting sights. Visit the old castle ruins Lilleborg and Gamleborg, the large erratic boulder, that rocks, when you try to move it; Bornholms largest rift valley Ekkodalen (echo valley); Rytterknægten, Bornholms highest top of 162 metres or 531 feet above sealevel; the lakes Bastemose and Svinemose – and do not forget to visit the European Bison (Visent) in the inclosure at Christian X. Vej.

Hans Rømer – the forests first warden
At the end of the 18th century, hardly any tree was left at the area, that we know as Almindingen forest today. In 1822, the young forest warden Hans Rømer was hired to replant the forest. This day today, you still can see the signs of the huge effort that was made to replant the forest – the tremendous stone walls along the forest, to keep the grassing deer outside of the new plantings.



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