Salene Bugt (Bay)

At the mouth of the Bobbeåen brook you find a paradise for anglers.

You find Salene Bay between Røstad to the west and Gudhjem to the east. You can park at the little parking lot at Helligdomsvej, and follow the path to the bay. Please observe that the rock coast here can be difficult to walk on, since in some places there are large cracks between the stone plates. In ancient times the place was known for the beach, which should have some of the finest sand on Bornholm. However, today the sand has disappeared without anyone knowing why.



Salene Bay is well-visited and loved by anglers, and the approx. 2 km long stretch offers lots of variation and good catching possibilities.

NB: Sea Trout in ”spawning colours” are preserved in the period from 16 September through February and there is a preservation zone of 500 meter on each side of the mouth of the Bobbeå brook. The whole Bobbeå brook is totally preserved during this period of time.


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Helligdomsvej 8C

3760 Gudhjem

(parking lot)

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