Coastal fishing on Bornholm

Enjoy fishing on the coasts on Bornholm. The island's coastlines are unique and incredibly varied

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Bornholm offers ideal coastlines

Nowhere else in Denmark do you have the opportunity to find such ideal coastlines as on Bornholm, and due to the island’s size, it is always possible to find a suitable fishing spot – regardless of weather conditions. With no less than 27 Bornholm harbours, there is also always a pier nearby where you can fish from – and there you have the opportunity to catch everything from herring, hornfish and sea trout to cod and flatfish depending on the season.

Fish from mid-November to mid-June

The best time to fish on Bornholm is in the period from mid-November to around midsummer. If the island has a warm Indian Summer, the ideal time for fishing will move one to two weeks ahead, ie. towards the end of November or the beginning of December. On this page we have gathered all the information you need to get a great fishing trip around the island.

Facts about Bornholm’s Seatrout
Coastal fishing safety measures
Fly fishing the Baltic Sea: Chasing Silver along the Shores of Bornholm
5 great fishing spots on Bornholm
Fishing with Kids on Bornholm
Fishing in Harbours

Fishing License

If you intend to fish on Bornholm, you need a fishing license. The only exception is if you’ll only be fishing Put & Take lakes – or if you’re below 18 or more than 65 years old. If so, you can fish in the ocean around Bornholm for free.
Fishing licenses can be bought via your mobile phone at

Guides for coastal anglers

Here are some amazing guides written by skilled anglers.
A Guide to Coastal Fishing on Bornholm
A Guide to Coastal Fly Fishing on Bornholm
A Guide to Bombarda Fishing on Bornholm
Prøv kræfter med kystfiskeri på Bornholm

Fishing spots on Bornholm

Here you can find inspiration for great fishing spots on Bornholm

Do you want to optimize the chance of catching fish on Bornholm?

”Sea trout fishing: Bornholm” is a new film by Gordon P. Henriksen and Niels Vestergaard. The film provides plenty of tips about which fishing spots to choose, how to tackle the weather conditions and seasons, and what fishing equipment, lures, flies, and clothing to use. It also captures what’s so special about Bornholm: The beautiful scenery and diverse fishing spots, the unique self-reproducing stocks of seatrout, and the inimitable atmosphere surrounding the fishery.

Shops for anglers

Companies that in one way or another have expertise in angling.
Bornholm Fishing Guide
Have the best fishing day on Bornholm by booking a certified angling guide.
Accommodation for anglers

The content is produced with support from FLAG-Bornholm.

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