Fishing in Harbours

Harbour Fishing on Bornholm

Gordon Henriksen

Journalist, angler

Bornholm’s many harbours offer exciting possibilities when it comes to recreational fishing. No matter the time of year, there are plenty of great fishing opportunities here. The reason, of course, is that harbours provide access to deep water and structure for the fish. Piers and jetties exposed to wind and waves often house fish because of the shelter they provide and because they’re home to a varied fauna and lots of small baitfish.

In many of Bornholm’s harbours, you’ll find more species diversity than along most coastal shores, and within a constricted area you have great odds of catching anything from flounders, garfish, and herring to seatrout, eel, perch, and even brackish pike.

Some of the best harbours on Bornholm to fish are; Tejn Havn, which is known for its great seatrout fishing; Hasle Havn, where you can catch eel, flounder, garfish, ide, perch, and pike; Hammerhavn, where – in addition to seatrout – you can fish for flounder and turbot; Nexø Havn, where the seasonal fishing for garfish, eel, roach, herring, perch, and flounders can be really good; Vang Havn, which is reputed for its great flounder fishing; and

Rønne Havn, where you might bump into both pike and perch as well as seatrout.

The equipment used when fishing the harbours and piers isn’t unlike what’s used on the open coastal shores or in the lakes. 7-9’ spinning rods and spinning reels pre-spooled with 0,20 – 0,25 mm braided line in combination with various lures and bait comprise the basic setup needed.

Flounder, perch, eel, roach, and ide can be effectively targeted using bottom rigs and live bait such as either earth-, lug-, or ragworms. Garfish and seatrout can successfully be fished for using spoons and coastal wobblers – or, alternatively, using a bombarda float and a fly or some live bait. (Slices of herring or a live sandeel work wonders). Herring can be caught using so-called sabiki traces, which consist of a series of small flies (typically 5 – 6 of them), and turbot can be caught using bottom rigs or depth-adjusted floats and live bait such as sandeels or small herring. (Like herring, the sandeels can be caught using sabiki traces).

NB! The population of brackish pike in the waters surrounding Bornholm is fragile and vulnerable to over-fishing. If you catch a brackish pike (i.e. a pike caught in the ocean) we sincerely urge you to release it unharmed.

Read more here for further information about the harbours on Bornholm.

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