5 great fishing spots on Bornholm

Here you get 5 examples of great fishing spots on Bornholm for coastal anglers.


THERE ARE MANY GREAT SPOTS to fish on Bornholm – regardless of temperament and previous experience, and it is too comprehensive a task to cover them all here. The most popular and well-known fishing spots on Bornholm are found in the guide, “Kystfiskeri på Bornholm”, which is published by Destination Bornholm in close cooperation with local coastal fishermen and guides. You can get a hold of your own copy via this link The guide contains maps, route- and fishing spot descriptions along with general information about conservation periods- and zones, minimum sizes, and fishing tips. The following contains a handful of fishing spots in addition to those in the guide.

1. Klympen is an exciting coastal spot on Bornholm’s western shorelines – a spot that is demarcated to the south by a long, and for the coastal fly fisherman uninteresting, stretch with sandy bottom. To the north, however, there is an approximately 800-meter-long coastal stretch with varied bottom features, many big cliff fragments, bladderwracks, and scattered sandy patches. This is prime seatrout territory and, oftentimes, you’ll find the fish pushed right up against the shoreline or patrolling where the waves are breaking. The whole stretch, which is delimited to the north by Hasle Harbour, is capable of providing good fishing. You can park on the public parking lot at the end of the road, which carries the same name as the fishing spot.

2. Lufthavnen (The Airport) is the name of a coastal stretch, which is found just behind – or west of, Rønne Airport. Here, you’ll uncover one of Bornholm’s finest coastal stretches, which is made up of rounded rocks, sand bars and bladderwracks with scattered boulders. To get here, drive via Arnagervej – a road that will take you around the airport and down to the water. Especially during spring, there can be schools of fish around, but you need to fish actively and locate them as they can be practically anywhere along this more than 2-kilometer-long stretch. Alternatively, you can park at Arnager and fish the whole stretch from here and westwards towards the Airport.

3. Bro Rev is southeast-facing reef just south of Snogebæk. It’s reachable from the parking lot to the west – at the end of Turistvej, or you get there via the beach from Snogebæk Harbour, which is a 1,2-kilometer walk. Bro Rev is usually at its best in southernly winds, and oftentimes the fish are found along the craggy edges of the reef, where the waves break. Quite a lot of weighty fish have been landed here, and especially when the water has a bit of turbidity, schools of fish will come in to hunt.

4. Salene Bugt is a big bay west of Gudhjem. It’s a breathtaking spot with varied terrain – a spot that can be fished outside of the half-year conservation period at Bobbeåens estuary. To the west you can wade and fish plateaus with rocks, dark silty bottom and bladderwracks and to the east you’ll find a coastal stretch below steep cliffs, where there are good depth curves and lots of scattered boulders. Throughout the whole stretch there are fish to be found, and during spring they can be plentiful. You can park at the end of Bobbevej.

5. Kæmpestranden (The Beach of Giants), which is situated in southern Allinge, is a well-known area for bathing during the summer months and it has good parking options. The beach with the ensnaring name is capable of delivering big seatrout during the winter months. Here, you’ll find exciting little bays, depth curves and lots of pocket water close to shore as well as cliffs and boulders, which attract many prey items. Oftentimes, seatrout foraging on herring and sprattus will enter this area, and while it can easily be fished from the cliffs, if usually pays off to wade in a little deep and fish the periphery of the bladderwrack patches. This is one of the preferred places for the big seatrout to patrol.

If you’re looking for a local fishing guide with lots of experience and high spirits, Bjarke Borup is highly recommended: (english).


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