SportDres Bornholm

Bornholm abounds with angling and recreational opportunities. We provide excellent solutions for pursuing them.

Good angling experiences
SportDres Bornholm is the island’s biggest speciality shop within angling. We have more than 25 years of experience in angling on and around Bornholm and we are always ready to assist you in pointing out the various hot spots – depending on the season. Whether you prefer inshore angling, angling from a boat or freshwater angling on Bornholm’s lakes and bogs, you are always welcome for a technical angling discussion based on your level of experience.

Outdoor life
We carry a wide selection of quality outdoor products: sleeping bags, rucksacks, backpacks, fuel for small gas burners and other camping gear, as well as an assortment of climbing gear.

We carry a wide selection of clothing and footwear from selected brands of outdoor wear, including Fjällräven, Haglöff, Columbia and Montane.

Fishing licence
We offer “put-&-take” angling at Ørredsø lake off of Vellensbyvej near Arnager. We sell fishing licenses for Hammersø lake and Krashave bog.


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3700 Rønne

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