Fishing with Kids on Bornholm

Bornholm is a Family-friendly Place to Fish

Gordon Henriksen

Journalist, angler

Bornholm is the perfect place for small kids to start a life-long fishing career.

Not only does Bornholm boast lots of put & take lakes perfectly suited for kids, there are also lots of small lakes, ponds, and old gravel pits where kids can amuse themselves catching everything from roach, crucian carp, bream, and tench to perch and pike.

Coarse fishing is an excellent method for catching most freshwater fish and an earth worm fished 70 – 100cm below a float -or on a paternoster rig, will usually equate a good time.

All you need is a 7 – 8’ spinning rod and a light spinning reel with a spool full of 0.25 – 0.30mm nylon line. Armed with such a setup it’s also possible to experiment with small spinners, spoons, wobblers, and jigs – and by using one of these lures the kids will stand a good chance of catching a good-sized perch, pike, or even a zander. (When fishing for pike, don’t forget to use a wire trace in front of the lure. Pike have really sharp teeth – and lots of them!)

Or how about this: An excursion out to sea in pursuit of cod, herring and flounders? It’s a great form of escape and it will provide an unforgettable day for the kids. The skippers have tremendous local knowledge and know exactly where to go to find fish and give the kids a fantastic fishing experience.

For the smallest fishermen out there, catching a small roach, a fiery-tempered perch, or perhaps a crucian carp is something truly exciting and unforgettable, and luckily most of the lakes on Bornholm house plenty of these fish. In a number of these lakes, fishing is free. The Municipality of Bornholm holds the fishing rights to many of Bornholm’s lakes, ponds, and gravel pits and kids, who are accompanied by a grown up (with a valid fishing license), can fish for free.


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